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i got blisters on my fingers


I’m gonna miss my shed when I move but I don’t think my neighbours are gonna miss me

some b/w stuff from 🇺🇸 last year

trying to get better at sharing my mistakes/growing pains/learning/pride/talent/ideas/process/self acceptance with you

🐶 & 🤳 & 🐶 & 🤳 & 🐶 & 🤳 & 🐶 & 🤳 & 🐶

I promise I’m still here, somewhere.

and @sarahelabdi got married, but weren’t able to go on a proper honeymoon yet so they went to @disneyland & @californiaadventurepark instead because they love @Pixar and would literally travel miles to eat at Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums.

and @sarahelabdi got married again in Morocco because the first wedding was so chill and not stressful at all

🐕 and mirror selfies and 🐩 and mirror selfies and 🐶

got married and doesn’t know what he did to deserve such an understanding, patient, determined and spirited partner for life. “It must’ve been pretty great, whatever it was” he thinks to himself.
📷 - @karibellamy
👰 - @limorrosen 🤵 - @caselyhayfordlondon

got married, so he and his utterly spellbinding, powerful and gorgeous wife @sarahelabdi threw a party for all their mates.

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