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I've been grounded for a few months...so ready to be back in the air again'! #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurlife #business #atlanta #boston #delta #businessminded #flying #monday

Life takes us to crazy places sometimes. Today I found myself in the quaint southern town of Douglas, Georgia. We were there working with an amazing company.
I grew up visiting this town, visiting great grandparents and other family. It was awesome to get to see the old home I played in so many years ago.

Where are we going? The question of work life balance keeps lingering in my mind. I run across so many people who want a life that matters not only to the world around them but to themselves as well.

What do we want? We have to start by answering this question honestly. Then we start heading that direction. Of course it will take work, we may sweat, we may struggle....but we won't feel frustrated because we know the prize, the destination will be worth it all.

Enjoying Fall with apple farms and pumpkin farms!

It's a resourcing type of day. The coffee is flowing and the resources are being used. My daughter runs and she need to fuel up with carbs before the race and restore with food afterwards.Our creativity requires the same.

The creative process requires resources at each stage if we want to stay fresh and sharp. So pour up some coffee and "carb" up!

The weekend isn't the escape from work it's the reward for work. If we switch the conversation around and see everything as life then we can easily see that work leads to reward.
For me the reward is two birthday parties (mine and Landon's), soccer games with the boys, lots of cake and enjoying Autumn in Atlanta. What's your reward?

Change is in the air. Not only is the weather hinting at changing, this city is changing. Atlanta is the Brooklyn of the South. It's alive with new ideas in business, culture and life.
If you're looking at big change in life, make sure you choose the environment carefully. A seed needs the proper soil to help it grow and your ideas need the proper environment. So find your space and make it home!

Here's to new beginnings! The journey can be tough and never ending but it's vital that we take time to celebrate. There are three things to celebrate: 1. The joy of being able to pursue our dreams. 2. The progress we've made in the last year and 3. The current breakthroughs that we're experiencing.

Regardless of the stage you're in....take time to celebrate how far you've come!

After years of watching games in the cold with rain and snow I'm loving these warm, sunny days at the field.

She's The Nomadic Wife and she's made the transition from wedding photographer to the leader of a vegetable (plus bacon) food movement!
Today on the podcast (Onward Creatives) she shares her story of transition and how she's made it a goal to be rejected 100 times (by other publishers). She's doing a brilliant job of building her business and who doesn't like a vegan who eats bacon! @thenomadicwife (photo by)

Transformation is beautiful to watch. As business's and entrepreneurs discover their brand voice they are transformed far beyond what a logo or photo can capture. They are transformed in how they think about themselves and the world around them.

This realization is a magical moment where everything changes. The old becomes black and white and suddenly the world is technicolor. This is the moment that we move beyond a business and we become a brand.