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Jackie Koch 👣  Yoga Instructor/Cosmic Dancer💜😇 Nature, Healing, Rust & ⭐dust☄ . Monday Yoga 6:30pm @amtradehotel USA & Panama 🇺🇸 🇵🇦

Never curb your enthusiasm 🔊 #JUANAAA #frenchbulldog #petme #saymynamesaymyname

B A L A N C E ⚖
When everything is CHANGING it is important to remember what is CONSTANT🍃🌳
Your practice, health regimen, balancing breaths, and simple favorites can bring great relief during unpredictable times.
The mind body spirit will always enjoy a good old song, relaxing tea, comforting food, supportive family/friends, or cute doggy cuddles ❤
When life fluctuates and there is lots of movement, it is vital to balance it with meditation and stillness😌⬇️
Begin by setting the tone with easy, smooth, soothing breaths.
As you inhale, imagine a cool blue light, giving you peace and as you exhale, the light combs through the tangles of tension.
Don't force the breath, just let it flow perfectly or imperfectly in and out.
If any discomfort or worry comes up don't try to change it, just sit in the discomfort with no judgement.
Trust that it will pass with ease, just like the breath.
Let this breath practice be your anchor as the waves of transformation ebb and flow during your ascention🔝

See you tonight for 6:30pm all levels vinyasa flow practice on the rooftop of the American Trade Hall @amtradehotel $15 drop in. If it rains practice in the conference room🕉
📷: @leyghphoto

Mi vida no es perfecta pero mi perro lo es y eso es suficiente para mi 🐾
📷: @pepe_calavera

In case you didn't already know...
Je dèmènage en FRANCE!!!👩🏼‍🎨 🛫🇫🇷
Im super excited to start a new life adventure in FRANCE avec mes deux amours @phil_sutter @juanadearcofrenchie ❤❤🇫🇷 I am sure the new culture, language, and location will grow me more than I could have ever imagined. I have been craving change and travel, so the time is NOW!
For all my students and friends in PANAMA we have 1 more month together to practice and connect. I plan to return in Feb/March 2020 to visit my lovely mother and hopefully teach too. Just know even though Im leaving Panama now, I will FOREVER be back🇵🇦🌴❤
For my students and friends in the US I plan to do a stop 2nd week of June to break up the long flight for my doggie Juana, see my brother Jason, and pack winter clothes haha. First winter in 7 years and Im actually very excited for it😁🌨 I hope I get to see all my wonderful American friends in WV, Philly, and NY before my departure🇺🇸❤
Meanwhile send me tips for France, let me know if you have plans to visit Europe, let's hangout, and of course LET'S PRACTICE!
See you TONIGHT 6:30PM at the American Trade Hall Ropftop. All Levels Vinyasa. $15 drop in🌇🕉💫

Sunday sunsets always remind me that the end is also where another beginning with infinite possibilities is born🌅
Been feeling extra sentimental about Panama lately🌴🇵🇦 I have to admit I feel so lucky that I've had the opportunity to live and work in such a beautiful place. Panama being such a lush, vibrant country will grow you in the most unexpected ways. Panama being a connector (because of the canal and location) is also a place where deep connections with special people and passions flourish. No Panama is not always paradise and will for sure test you, but it will also help you cultivate patience and adaptability. One thing is definite, Panama is always an adventure...if you are up for it😉💛🌴🌊
📷 from a super beautiful Sunday sunset teaching Deep House Yoga @gattoblancopty
#grateful #amopanama #sundaysunset #lessons #connections #passions #growth #adapt #adventure #neverending #alwaysabeginning #panamayogadance

Did you hear that the @surfyogafestival is back again May 24th-26th in Bocas Del Toro?🌊☀️🕉 Im pumped😁🤙
This awesome gathering in the caribbean host classes on different islands everyday🌴🌴🌴Panama based, as well as guest international Instructors, will be offering a variety of classes all day Fri-Sun👣👣👣
What's better than practicing different styles of yoga, going for a surf/SUP, and connecting with other beautiful spirits? Its going to be a blast and I would love to see you there💛💙💚
#TB to the first @surfyogafestival
📷: @anana_photo
With the Juanderful @acrogentleman @acrojamspty Who will also be attending the festival!

These beautiful ballerinas capture my heart every week💞
Its been such an honor to share my love for dancing with kids in the community @thecascoschool
We have a blast together practicing ballet technique, but I have to say I love the creative movement games where I can really see their individuality and personality shine through👣💫🦄
Thank you to the parents and teachers for capturing these lovely videos💛💛

Learning from the expert🐾🕉 #downwardfacingbulldog #doga #yogawithdogs #namaste

Merci @audray_pnm @hairarchy_casco ✂️😘💙〰️

Get ready for a Saturday night like no other💫👣🌙🌴
In a jungle studio in Cerro Ancon
Inspired by the magic of cacao
Your dance guides
Jackie Koch & Pamela Aragon
Invite you to find
YOGA DANCE with @jackeysknives
CACAO CERAMONY & ECSTATIC DANCE with @elhuertodelaslobas
Bring an open mind and heart💚
Wear whatever makes you smile😎
This is a safe space and substance free event where we will tap into something pure and go deep💙🔥
Get ready to unite, ignite, and be free!
The fun starts at 6pm @bodhihostel Cerro Ancon this Saturday April 27th🌴All are welcome. RSVP today!!
#Yogadance #Cacaoceramony #Ecstaticdance #Bodhihostel #Panama #Panamadance #dancers #humans #community #Freedominmovement

"In nature nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they're still beautiful."-Alice Walker🌳
This definitely relates to nature, our bodies, and our lives. It makes sense because we are so deeply interconnected to the web of every living thing on this planet🕸🌎When we are searching to answers in life start by just looking outside and #asknature 🍃 What naturally speaks to you? Some of my favorite ways to connect with and respect nature are:
🌱Look at the sun and the moon every day (especially around the same time) and take notice of where it's location is in the sky
🌱Eat local and seasonal. I love trying honey, herbs, fruit & veg from the area im living or traveling through
🌱Use plants as medicine. Whether it be for relaxation, focus, digestion, or longevity- trust me there's an herb for that
🌱Be sustainable within your life and take care of your stuff so you don't need to constantly buy more. Every day I still use my first ever yoga mat bag thats over 10 years old!
🌱Think about where you are putting your money. For example if I go to a new restaurant and they are using lots of unecessary 1 time use plastic or paper wrapping, I will not return
🌱Digitel detox. Get away from screens and distractions. Go to the REAL SOURCE- air, water, earth, or even fire
🌱Pick up garbage whenever and wherever you see it
🌱Practice yoga outside!
Join me TONIGHT for sunset rooftop yoga 6:30PM at the American Trade Hall Rooftop @amtradehotel All Levels Vinyasa. $15 drop in
📷: @leyghphoto
#earthday #naturelover #yogidancer #plantlover #panamayogadance

Happy birthday to my big bro Jason! Thanks for being such a funny, loving, and supportive guy. Love you so so much💙🎸🤘😘

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