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  Ottawa 🍁


I put on the skreets on beast

I spent my whole life thinkin’ out the box 📦

I’m always ready for a war again 🔫🔫

I want the credit if I’m winning or I’m losing

Freedom bells, freedom ring; free the eyes there to see 🙌🏽

I got a big scale same size as his scale yeahhh #Culturell

Who am I, the “do or die”; the one with the fewest lies; and the truest ties 🔫🔫

Knowledge from niggas who did not contribute to none of this here

My fears alleviate, my tears evaporate; my faith don’t deviate, Ideas don’t have a date 📷 📷

I just popped a perc; another for dessert; I washed it down with syrup; I just left planet earth; Ran into Captain Kirk; I pop a perc, I’m trippy; call me Perc Nowitzki - Wayne is a savage for that one 😂😈

I like paper long like a milli verse; or too long like a sentence from a Phili judge 🙏🙏

Made my own blueprints, so my life got no ceilings

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