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From now on I would like to be referred to as Mystic Matt. A few quick tips.

Smaller but fast sets to minimise time under tension. In this workout you absolutely do not want to be “resting” by holding the bar or stopping in handstand, or even in headstand. You also don’t want to be standing around bending over. Minimise your time under tension by doing smaller but fast sets. For the HSPU these means using a small, tight kip rather rather than doing a long, exaggerated kip. This will also minimise fatigue to your core and lower body which will help with the deadlifts. Of course this is relative to your ability - if you suck at HSPU then of course using a big kip might be your only option.

Practice the HSPU before starting the workout. As obvious as it might sound, there is a new standard and you need to be comfortable with that new standard whilst under fatigue. Depending on your body mechanics, everyone’s set-up will be a little different. I would also recommend practicing singles so you get used to finding the right set up quickly without having to fuck around.

Take a few deep breaths before the handstand walk and compose yourself. It’s difficult to breath upside down and there’s no value in getting flustered if your handstand walk doesn’t go to plan. Your core is going to be fried but try to minimise how much you arch, this is just going to put even more pressure your lower back. A good tactic is to bend your legs over the back, similar to the scorpion technique, but without arching excessively. By bending your legs it will help to build momentum.

Pacing this workout really depends on your level and goal for The Open. If you’re not going to make it passed Dianne it’s probably not a case of fitness being the limiting factor but more so because the deadlifts are heavy and/or you’re not good at HSPU. If this is you, then you don’t really need to focus on pacing. Go out relatively hard and try to get the best possible time in Dianne. Anything else is a bonus. If you’re looking to complete this workout or get close to completing this workout, have a plan beforehand and break up the movements early. Don’t try to PR your Dianne.


This might not seem like much but that second rep is a huge milestone so I just had to post it. I never thought seeing someone do 2 strict HSPU would make me so happy 💃💃💃. Well done Cathy.

@cathy_ri_dxb @crossfitalioth
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CrossFit Open 18.1

- 5 min row easy pace
2 rounds:
- 60s moderate pace
- 60s easy pace
2 rounds:
- 30s moderate-hard pace
- 30s easy pace

Grip Prep
- 10 rocks of each version (video 1)
- 20s flexor release (vid 2)
- 20s extensor release (vid 3)
- 15s fist hold (vid 4)
- Kip swings + knee raises + kip swings + knee raises (3+3+3+3)
Watch the videos to ensure you are completing these exercises properly.

Workout Specific Prep
2 rounds:
- 4 TTB
- 6 dumbbell hang clean and jerk at workout weight
- 10 cal row
Focus on breathing properly during the movements and efficient transitions.

Workout Strategy
- Find your pace and keep moving. This workout is light, sets are small and it’s 20 minutes long. It has been designed to allow you to keep moving.
- BREATH! With the exception of the TTB compression, it is easy to breath during these movements. You should not be wasting time breathing heavily during transitions. There are a lot of transitions which means a lot of time to be lost or gained here. As always, set up equipment strategically to allow for fast transition times.
- Use a FAST version of TTB to minimise time under tension gripping the bar. Either the cycling technique or a regular kip with the knees bending up to the chest and then feet flicking out towards the bar. For the majority of you, I wouldn’t use straight leg TTB for this workout.
- Break up the TTB the second grip fatigue starts to sink in. Once your forearms are smoked there’s no going back and in terms of efficiency, it will be better to break up the TTB rather than having to break up the dumbbell movement.
- Play around with different grips for the TTB. Thumb under, thumb over, slightly wider or narrower. Sometimes subtle changes can help to minimise grip fatigue.

Repeating the workout
- If you are going to repeat the workout, particularly if you struggle with pacing, I would recommend working out your average split time for each round completed. When you repeat, try to reduce your average split time but again, do it by staying consistent. Don’t smash your split times early on only to drift way past them in the later rounds.

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This is probably my favourite elbow conditioning exercise - the planche lean with external shoulder rotation.

Here are 4 reasons this exercises is worth every damn second ...

1. This specific set-up puts additional pressure through the bicep tendon and bicep tendon injuries seems to be an increasingly common injury in Crossfit.

2. Elbow tendonitis (as a collective) is common in Crossfit. Heavier athletes performing high volume kipping movements with sometimes lacking technique and unprepared connective tissue doesn't lead to longevity in the sport. This statement is a little broad but generally, straight arm isometrics are a great way to strengthen the elbow joint as a whole to help prevent tendinitis from ever occurring.

3. Progression could not be simpler - once you can hold the position for 60s unbroken, simply lean your shoulders further forward and build back up to 60s (minimum starting hold should be 30s to manage intensity).

4. You are also developing awareness and conditioning the front support position which is a basic but important position in Gymnastics, required for higher skill attainment.

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I’d like to take this opportunity to formally introduce Jen Smith 🤦‍♀️

In Jen’s spare time she enjoys CrossFit and making my life difficult.

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Henrik is back in action and the next phase of his strict HSPU journey is to strengthen his sticking point. The same way you have a sticking point in a squat, you have a sticking point in a strict HSPU.

The process to do so, at least for Henrik, will be:
1. Dead stop partials
2. Isometrics
3. Threshold training

#jackedgymnastics #gymnastics #crossfit #hspu #handstandpushup #handstand

@esslingerlukas doing a C2B capacity workout using low interference recovery movements. This was Lukas’ final set - happy with how his capacity and technique under fatigue is improving.

The numbers are specific to Lukas based upon a threshold test, however, if you want to try the workout ... .
6 rounds:
- 20 C2B
- 30s top of push-up hold
- 30s supine tuck crunches (basically a tucked v-sit)

I’m not sure on Lukas’ time but he completed all sets of C2B unbroken.

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January - April 2018, Jacked Gymnastics Seminars. Link in bio.

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Going forward, this will be the new format for all of our programming videos. The majority of which will be exclusive to subscribers of our programs and the purpose is to provide a more detailed view of how to perform these exercises correctly. We will periodically post some of these videos to Instagram with accompanying explanations and sport specific examples.

The above is part of our new mobility series. Each of our programs will now have optional, but recommended, daily mobility routines split either by high level, grouped anatomical areas or joint articulations. This is to allow athletes who are short of time to be more selective and prioritise their most lacking areas. These daily routines will be a maximum of 10-15 minutes in length.

This specific video is a great stretch for those who struggle with shoulder extension, specifically with internal rotation. To give you a sport specific example, if you struggle to transition into a low catch position in a STRICT muscle-up (you shouldn’t be catching low in a kipping muscle-up!), this movement will be of benefit to you.

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If there’s one thing that @esslingerlukas learnt today, it is that performing prone active shoulder flexion next to @emiliajosefiina will make you look really, really bad.

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