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3 Fundamental Methods of Progression for Gymnastics STRENGTH Training.
- Lever
- Muscle Length
- Resistance

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Excited to announce that we've linked up with @jst_competeprogramming to create a Gymnastics Bias Open Programme.

The programme is designed for competitive athletes looking to peak for The Open (2018). This is a full Crossfit programme, including; weightlifting, endurance, Crossfit workouts but with more of a focus on developing Gymnastics. Perfect for athletes who struggle with their Gymnastics capacity.

The cost of the programme is £50 per month and the official start date is 1st October.

In terms of pre-requisites for this programme, we recommend having at least two of the following four:
- 3+ unbroken ring and bar muscle-ups
- 8+ butterfly pull-ups
- Able to complete a rope climb
- 5m handstand walk

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Jacked Gymnastics.
- Programming
- Coaching
- Seminars

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Jacked Gymnastics Grips are now available @wodableuk

Head over to their page and click the link in their bio!

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Straddle Back Lever.

The Jacked Gymnastics YouTube channel now has around 100 videos and we are in the process of editing and uploading more. Make sure you subscribe to our channel to get notified of new videos.


Free standing handstand shoulder taps. The advanced handstand skill option from this weeks competition programming.

Regardless of which progression you're currently at, shoulder taps are a great way to develop awareness & confidence for walking , along with straight arm pressing endurance.


Core workout from this weeks Scaled programming. Tag a friend and give this a go during the week!

3 rounds:
- 20s straddle hollow hold
- 20s of max supine tuck-ups
- 20s of max supine leg raises
- 20s of max heel touches
- 60s rest


"Three attempts, three muscle-ups" 💃

@henrikfasth actually got his first muscle-up a while back. Unfortunately, he then injured his shoulder (unrelated) but it meant we had to take a step back for a while and focus on foundational work before gradually bringing back the appropriate drills in order to fix some technical faults.

I urge you to strive for technical proficiency from the beginning and think longer term. It's easy to focus on short term gains because it seems more rewarding in the present and allows you to gloat but longer term your progress will always be limited. After Henriks first muscle-up, it would have been easy to start thinking about getting 2 reps but it's more important to be able to do singles with good form, consistently first.


When it starts to click ... @tristan_taylor
I've come across lots of athletes who struggle to do KIPPING ring muscle-ups without a false grip. There are several reasons why that's a bad idea. To name a few ... 1. You are going to limit the momentum you can build through the swing / kip.
2. Your grip strength will fatigue much, much quicker.
3. It's difficult to jump from below the rings and catch in a false grip. Most of the time athletes need to use a box for assistance which is of course not practical for competition.
4. It's difficult to re-engage a false grip when transitioning from above to below the rings for the next rep.


Paused butterfly pull-ups are a great way to re-enforce correct positioning and/or improve positional timing.

Athletes are often "in a rush" to get through the movement and as a result transition into the arch too early. The feet should not move back behind the bar until the chest starts to come through. The pause at the top is a great way to remediate this specific error.


I am currently in Bytom, Poland, working with the countries top athletes. We just finished our first session improving kipping ring muscle-up technique. Breaking the movement down piece by piece and then putting it all back together.

However, having good technique when you're fresh doesn't get you very far in Crossfit. It's not your ability to perform skills that's important, it's your ability to perform them under fatigue over and over again.

Once we had improved the athletes technique, we then did the following workout ... 20 minute assault bike with approx. 25% of the athletes max muscle-ups every 4 minutes (starting on 0:00). The video is towards the end of the workout but nevertheless you can already see the technique starting to break down again. This is why the process has to be progressive. Stage 1 is to maintain solid technique when you're fresh. Stage 2 is to introduce a mono-structural movement with minimal eccentric loading, such as the assault bike at a low-medium pace.

Don't just throw your newly learnt skill into a metcon and question why your technique goes out the window.


Kip Swings with Re-Grip.

In kipping movements, particularly when there is minimal rotation, the shoulders play the greatest part (as opposed to the lower body). With the above in mind. Notice how close my feet are to being in line with the rig at the peak of the arch position. They are not far behind, which would be caused from extending the lower back too much and/or not opening the shoulders properly.

Most technical deficiencies from basic kipping movements such as the kip swing derive from the arch position.

Moral of the story. Fix your arch position.


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