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Jack And Jack News  Lexi✨ Daily news, photos, videos & more on @JackAndJack! Twitter: jacknjacksnews Backup: @jackandjacksnewsbackup

@971957bht: The homies @jackandjack swing through to give an update on their debut album around 1:40! -@ralphieaversa #NoOneComparesToYou #JandJ #JackandJack 🙏📻

#NOCTY lyric video is out now! Link on my story! #noonecomparestoyou

@jackj: Some last minute ink before Europe. I’m an Aries what are you? ♈️ (via Instagram)

Listen to @JackandJack's #NOCTY on @Spotify's Today's Top Hits! Link on my story!

@romeolacoste via Instagram stories

@blackprints via Instagram stories

@blackprints via Instagram stories

@jackandjack: This Friday, NOCTY LYRIC VIDEO! Music video the following week, we are so glad u guys like the new record so much, can’t wait for you to see everything we’ve got planned 🙈 (via Instagram)

@jackj: It’s okay to feel lost. We are all on a constant journey of figuring out our place in this world. With that being said, I PROMISE you one day you’ll wake up when you have a family and a career and your life isn’t so confusing anymore, and think to yourself “wow, I miss those days when I was trying to figure my shit out.” (via Instagram)

@islandrecords: "Every time I think I've found somebody
I just wish that somebody was you" #NOCTY (via Instagram)

@hollywire: @jackgilinsky & @jackj in the studio! interview is up NOW!! had so much fun talking to these boys about their new song, #NoOneComparesToYou 💖 .

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