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Jack 'Ripper' Storer  💊Muscletech ambassador 🏋️Tuffwraps - Ripper 👕 Ryderwear - JACK10 Studying BSc strength and conditioning YouTube - Ripper Fitness (back!)

ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT!! @bodypowerexpo if fast approaching, do not hesitate to see me and the rest of the team on the @muscletech stand over the whole weekend!! I for one cannot wait!

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Uuuum I'll be lean for next year's @bodypowerexpo

Not everything is a loss, keep smiling and hit the occasional front double bicep, it'll all be ok

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The BRAND NEW varsity line by @ryderwear is now officially live!! To pay homage I figured I'd give an NFL style combine a go, and managed 25 reps (although looking at the video they were partial as f*ck 😂😂) how do you bring your A game?!?! Treat yourself to the new varsity line with discount code JACK10 at the checkout 💪

When your resting between sets and someone steals your bench......

Impossible not to #smile on such a fabulous #flexfriday 💪
No idea what we did to deserve such gorgeous weather but I certainly ain't complaining!
Only a few short weeks till @bodypowerexpo where I will be on the @muscletech stand with the rest of the team, just hoping @liammcaleese doesn't make me look too small.....
Rocking @ryderwear as always code JACK10 at the checkout to save a little cash!! Also wanna say a well done to @neil_currey of team ryderwear who made massive changes to his physique to step up a class now I just work to catch up 😂

#muscletech #sponsored #teammuscletech #ryderwear

Life becomes easier when decisions are made.
Now I wanna go workout... who wants to join me?? 😏😈 #muscletech #teammuscletech #ryderwear #teamryderwear #sponsored

Few things in life that I'm really REALLY struggling with right now, doing my best to keep my head above water but I'm really struggling, the only thing that is helping at the moment is my training..... But at the same time because that is all I want to do at the moment it does make all the other stuff that much worse, yet I dread to think of the state I'd be in without it...... Hard Times...... #muscletech #sponsored #teammuscletech #ryderwear

Legs certainly aren't where they need to be for classic bodybuilding just yet but that's what this year is about, adding the mass where necessary and making sure that it's quality tissue being added!
These little twigs will become a strong point and should help make my waist look smaller 👌

#muscletech #sponsored #teammuscletech #ryderwear

Ever get the the point where you think your starting to look pretty good.... Then see a pic of yourself and wanna kick yourself and feel skinny?? Yeah, same.....
More mass needed
Currently my favourite vest by @ryderwear
Use my code JACK10 for a bit of money off!

#muscletech #sponsored #teammuscletech #ryderwear

As jealous as I am of the @muscletech team over at FIBO watching their IG story's it has made me super excited for @bodypowerexpo especially repping the best damn nutrition brand going 💪
#muscletech #sponsored #teammuscletech #ryderwear

I heard its meant to be summer soon..... 🙄

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