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We are what we do, the accumulation of our choices. #jacksmyth

Maybe I wasn’t leaving maybe you made me go. #jacksmyth

Maybe I was living of expectations. #jacksmyth

Taking pictures in the moment so we don’t forget. #jacksmyth

I hope one day you’ll be as happy as you pretend to be. #jacksmyth

Sometimes part of love is losing it. #jacksmyth

I just wanna go home. #jacksmyth

Maybe our favorite quotes say more about us than about the stories and people we're quoting. #jacksmyth

I’ve become so numb. #jacksmyth

I need to do better. I want to be better. #jacksmyth

There’s bones in my closet, but you hang stuff anyway. #jacksmyth

Sometimes the pain of a person is all I have left. #jacksmyth

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