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Kept breaking promises you said you’d keep, so you can leave a message at the beep. #jacksmyth

No one cares if you're happy, just as long as you claim it. #jacksmyth

I always wonder about the woman on the right, what was going on in her life at that moment. #jacksmyth

I love everything about this photo & it was a complete mistake. #jacksmyth

Liverpool - May 2017

Liverpool - October 2016

Liverpool - May 2016

The mysterious man. #jacksmyth

Isn't it funny? We can make a lot of money,
buy a lot of things just to feel a lot of ugly. #jacksmyth

My regrets look just like texts I shouldn't send. #jacksmyth

It ain't 2009 no more. #jacksmyth

The sheer weight of the thought of space, is enough to keep my little ego in place. #jacksmyth

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