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Jackson Small 

Forever is going to fly by with this beautiful girl by my side. I know the last 11 months sure have! I love you tons Audrey and am excited for our story to continue:) 💍

Here’s photo evidence of the first time I actually felt small...

I know everyone things Audrey edits my photos, but I promise I did this one... I even took the picture too. 😉

One of the best parts of Peru is the cool waterfalls. One of the worst is only being able to see Infinity War in Spanish...

Dad, I think I found heaven. And I’m not just saying that because our blood-makeup is probly 80% sodium. #”flavorenhancer” @laird_small

I like my chocolate medium rare. #cacaotreechocolate

Hey Audrey, just wanted to wish you an extra happy birthday:) Te amo!!

Wow. What an amazing experience with the girls from the Sacred Heart of Christ School. We went to give them vaccines and ended up giving them anti-parasite pills instead. Lots didn’t know how to swallow pills, so we gave them candy with mashed up pills to eat. From them braiding Audrey’s hair to watching my magic tricks, we just made dozens of new little friends 🙃 🇵🇪

This bridge is only thing sketchier than the street food here 🤠 #amazinghikes #deliciousfood #cotopaxi


Lifehack #3458: Date your best friend. Especially when she’s gorgeous 🤩

Helping the people of Peru is an amazing blessing! Plus I’m learning so much, like how to fold my own gauze:)

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