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Jack Shanahan  Certified PT. CSU. 22

2017 cut (right to left)
3/1: 188 lbs, 4/15: 175 lbs, 5/1: 168 lbs. diet: slightly less fast food, more domies #bodypositivity

@not_rellie transformation! 25 lbs of fat lost, 10 lbs of muscle gained 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 hard work pays off #strongissexy #powerlifter #girlswholift #transformation

7 month deadlift progression by my client @not_rellie, 95 lb increase while losing over 20 lbs of body fat) Form check: Still need to work on scapular retraction to maximize hip drive. Best way to set hips correctly and keep a neutral spine is by lining your shoulders, elbows, and wrists directly over the bar starting from the midfoot #strengthissexy #powerlifting #100daybody

6x3 (3rd rep of last set shown) with 75% 1rm 264lbs (120kg) video cred to the one and only @chris_kinchen--- working on keeping a neutral spin and increasing hip extension #100daybody #asssofatyoucanseeitfromdafront

Squat analysis from online client art mikalik--- 1. Bar path over midfoot 2. Straight bar path 3. Neutral spine 4. Maximize maximize hip moment arm/minimize knee moment arm --- for free video analysis email (or DM) Jack.shanahan19@gmail.com --- 11 spots spots left for online coaching --- more info➡️➡️➡️ www.100daybody.com #100daybody #videoanalysis #onlinetraining

30 day transformation by training client Brian jones--- RESULTS RESULTS RESULT--- 4x week push/pull program--- Online training➡️ 12 spots remaining --- $8-10/wk customized training programs with diets plans, video analysis, etc... More info ➡️➡️➡️www.100daybody.com email Jack.shanahan19@gmail.com or DM for inquires. #summerbod #nofilter

leg day--heavy hip thrust after squats (365 x 6) used for lock out and dead lift, and hip extension in the squat. and to make that booty pop 🍑 #glutesfortheslutes #100daybody #thisguyfucks #pitstainpride

4 month transformation by online client @notmallen ---Online training--- www.100daybody.com --- 15 spots available

3 month transformation by my online client @austin0barrett Online training ➡️ www.100daybody.com or DM for more info.

Done cutting, time to bulk till next spring. Currently 5' 10" 160 lbs at 6.8% bf. Planning on bulking up to 175 this winter

Working on grip strength after 3x6 deadlifts with 370 lbs Current BW: 157

Tired of regular oatmeal in the mornings?? Try adding 2 egg whites and some fresh cut up fruit to beef it up🐄🐄🐄 throw it in the microwave for 2 minutes and add cinnamon sugar for taste #iifym #cleaneating #fitfam

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