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Jacqueline Osborne  Mother to 2 beautiful little girls, Wife, actress❤️ Represented by @InterTalentGroup alex@intertalentgroup.com

So in love with the lashes from @yazmaecosmetics 😍 I'm wearing style 'Dubai'. These have to be my all time favourites❤️

My babies 💞 Ella looking very serious here! 😂😂 “my mummy” she has taken to this change so well and loves her little sister so much, always trying to help. Sometimes too much 😂bless her!! Xx

Hands up if you are longing to be a yummy mummy but you’re main goal is to make sure your babies are happy and loved equally and you are also just out here trying to see your friends and family and get back too normality and also get up in the night to change pooping nappies and feed screaming babies. Hands up if you want to look and feel like you again, but you want to eat McDonald’s too and the struggle is real. Hands up if you are proud of yourself for being a bad ass mum and you are motivated to get it all done!!! Jeez I feel tired, but I also feel alive, in love and besotted with my children. I am knackered but I also feel motivated to work hard and play harder! #imgettinginshape #imgettingnosleep #ilovemykids❤️

🍃summer days with Mia moo! @axparis #axparis #AXPGIRL


Girls 🌍🌸💞

Steam train time 🚂

💃🏻 when you fit into a size 10 dress again 😂💃🏻

Good morning everybody! Happy Friday !! Foot In face this morning!! Morning “cuddles” just means new born kicks you in face while you try and close your eyes for 2 winks! Hope everyone slept okay with the heat! I hope it cools down just a bit for the babies sake, and for any pregnant people I feel your pain, hope you lot aren’t too hot and uncomfortable 💞💞

Baby love ❤️

Ella loves all her new bits from this Swedish baby brand @twistshakebaby I used the bottles when Ella was a baby and know they make really lovely feeding products! Really lovely range. They sent me a bunch of stuff and honestly the colours of the baby bottles and everything are so beautiful I can’t cope too excited! (It’s the little things in life that make me happy😂)You can use a discount code ‘jacjossa’ and get 20% off the entire range and 60 % on the neon collection! #ad #bottlesonfleek #pinkandpurple

Princess Ella💜 she wanted to do a photo shoot so I have 234 photos of ella like this on my phone right now 😂😂🤩

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