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@bradleygarnercreative took some incredible photos of my face today. I quite like them. Scroll to last one for the real me that he has to work his ass off to get rid of to be able to get a nice photo of me hehe 🙊

Devils chocolate cake with strawberry jam and Caramilk ganache 🙌🏻🤤🙌🏻


This made me a very happy person

Vegan waffles - who'd have though the other half would love them so much 🙌🏻❤️🙌🏻

I have an obsession

New mirror thanks to my boo @caitlinrosiie

We're cute

I have the best friends! Thank you @caitlinrosiie
I ❤️ you xx

Since waking up this morning and seeing the news about Chester Bennington I can’t shake the sadness I feel.
Not only in relation to his actual passing but in relation to how it happened.
Suicide is a double edged sward for me. This statement might be a little controversial but for me I am immediately hit with sadness, then anger and then even more sadness.
Sadness that a life is gone, sadness that a person has felt that suicide was all they could do to make everything stop and go away. Then there is the anger, anger that a life is gone because that person felt there was nothing else they could do to make everything stop and go away, anger that a persons family, friends and loved ones are left without them when 9/10 times the words “I am not Ok” are all it would have taken to help, to save a life. Then there is the sadness again, sadness that family, friends and loved ones no longer have this person in their life, they no longer have them there to help if they need help, they are gone. Suicide is so final.
I’m no expert and I will never claim to be but I will go as far as saying… ASK FOR HELP. Reach out, you are not alone no matter how you feel. Many people love you and care for you.
Please please please do not suffer in silence, it can be as simple as calling, texting, or messaging someone and saying “I am not OK” to start a conversation that will save a life.
If you feel you are alone and you have no one and you are reading this, make me that person. I will always listen, I will always help, I will ALWAYS care.
Love xx

This little lady ❤️

Tonight's sunset was pretty spectacular

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