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“Can you smell my cool ranch?”
LOL. This is us.
Thanks for the never ending laughs. Please never stop making fun of me, it’s secretly my favorite thing 😂

WOW. Two years down?
We’ve been married for two whole years?
Words can’t even begin to explain the love I have for you.. but you already know I how I feel, right? I won’t make things super long and drawn out, but I love you Todd. Thank you for always being the best man you can be. Thank you for waking up everyday and choosing to love me. With messy hair, breastmilk stained shirt, and my never ending supply of mom bras lol. I couldn’t have asked for a better man to call my best friend, husband, and father to my child. God knew I needed you, you are my person. Since the day we met.. my life has been better. You make me better. Cliché, yeah... but it’s true. With you by my side I feel safe, like I can take on anything.
Two years down, and forever to go.
Until my last breath..it’ll always be you 💕
Happy Anniversary my love.


Just hold onto momma’s hand and never let it go . 💛

• The Jones’ •
(Unsure who Hendrix is staring at like that lol, but he’s obvi ready to fight 😂)

-L O S S-
So all Tuesday night you were on my mind heavy. I kept thinking about how I missed you and I needed to make some time to hang out with you and the baby. So when I woke up Wednesday morning I sent you a text to see if you were free Saturday. I wanted to take the babies to the park so we could chill like we used to and they could interact with each other. I could picture it in my mind so vividly. So anyways a few hours went by and you still hadn’t responded .... I was confused cause you normally responded pretty quickly. Little did I know i was about to get a phone call that would break my heart. You passed. My heart is so hurt man. I JUST TEXT YOU, only a few hours before i got the news. I don’t understand a lot of things about life, but there was a reason you were on my mind. In all of my 24 years of life i have never experienced a death that has hit me this hard. I just keep thinking about all the missed opportunity’s to spend more time with you. I wish I could go back and have another one of those long talks we used to have. I wish I could get another one of those middle of the day phone calls asking me to braid your hair or do your makeup... You were one of the best friends I have ever had. My actual twin. You were always genuinely happy for me and just wanted to hang out.. we could literally do nothing and have a blast. I know you will never get the chance to read this but I need to get it out. I’m sorry jaquel. I guess to anyone reading this, if you take anything from this post ... Always let the people you care about in your life know how you feel. Make time for them cause you never know when your time will be up. Jaquel was such a beautiful soul, taken waaay too soon. One of the best moms I know, everything she did was for her kids. To everyone reading this , if you could, please say a prayer... for not only her and her babies, but for everyone who was blessed enough to meet her. I will continue thanking god everyday for placing you in my life. I love you, rest easy angel ❤️

OOPP 🐸☕️

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You re just so perfect to me . 💙

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