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Jz  Wtf is spear fishing? I only know what is snorkeling ✌🏻️


Thanks @killbnaux for spoiling us. 😅 nghtmre was 🔥🔥🔥

•Lesson 1 never settle for fakes,
•Lesson 2 if you get the real deal, don't let it fade.
•Lesson 3 don't get medium, small is perfect.👌🏻
•Lastly white is hard to maintain. So get an Asian. #Antisocialsocialclub

Got a text saying someone was scoping out my car. & I found this. Aw so cute,☺️

About last night. 🤔🤔🤔

Thank god i didn't pass up this trip. It was more than just a vacation, it was an experience of a lifetime. If words could explain it all I'd have to write a novel. It was definitely a learning experience, & a adventure. I'm gonna miss everyone & everything. Even the shitty wifi. Glad I have 2 amazing families that go above & beyond for me & made everything worthwhile. I now have a better perspective & outlook on my motherland, 3 weeks is definitely not long enough. So 🇵🇭 this isn't goodbye, this is definitely see you next year. ✌🏻

You know the drill. If They don't let me on the plane cause my cough I'm raging in Manila one more week😜🤔

🤙🏻✌🏻👍🏻. lol my dad so moke. Shaka bruddah. 😂😂

Meet my new pet goat Brady 😅.

I scream for Filipino iscream. Trust me it's Filipino. You see the purple. Lol

Here I thought we we're going to a city full of vegetarians😅. Jk but seriously doh i didn't know the drive was gonna be 2+ hours 🙄😑. Freaking tourist traps,

Vigan city by night.

Lucky to have cousins who owns a pool hall in the back of their house at the next town over😅. They're so lucky to grow up playing. I couldn't beat them once 😭😭