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"Commit!" So You can Kick Ass or Politely Kick Ass (your choice). 11 Straight Days!>>>>>>>>>>>>>> -At my lowest, the only thing that saved me was deciding to commit to my daily meditation. My Daily prayer. To myself. It changed everything. Everything. I had to push through all of my mental blocks around the fear of loss and the labels put on meditation. It was the most selfish thing I've ever done and continue to do. But I knew if I wanted to save myself, my marriage, and my family....I had to finally commit to loving myself or I would never be able to truly love anyone else.- These 11 Day Deep Dishes are my favorite part of Dharma Diner. You get 11 straight Days, for 11 minutes a day, on 1 topic. You may have read the book, "The 1 Thing" by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan? If you really want some major breakthrough in life there's a lot of power in focusing in on 1 thing. Every 11 days you can get a Deep Dish on a bunch juicy Life topics at the Dharma Diner, and you don't have to pay a dime! yay...yep...This truly is our way of giving and giving back. At the end of 11 days you can also download a free pdf of all the goodies shared. If you teach yoga or are a healer, I think you'll love the content. You can tweak it and use it in your classes etc. -When you make a commitment, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will reap the results you desire. The outcome of your commitment depends upon a lot of conditions that are beyond your control. Therefore, you aren’t committing to a certain result, you are committing to making your best effort.- Monday March 12th-22nd!
FREE>>>>11 Consistent Days of an 11 minute Deep Dish!
-Discussion on Commitment
-1 Kundalini Yoga Pose
-1 6 min/Meditation Using The Science of The Sound Current .

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I used to work for a company...I wont say which one...but management would say..."Only show the pretty pictures! With people smiling!.." And I would think to myself..Really? Do you know the shit people go through in life? Maybe we should show images where yogic tools will really come in handy! Well, I guess that's what Dharma Diner is for, to share images where we may not always be smiling...but still need the keep up spirit!

"Truth & Gravy" #11 Got Faith? Dharma Diner Customer LEDA Shares A Yogananda Teaching On Faith & What You Must Do To Claim Your Success' In Life! ------------------------------------------
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Dharma Diner's "Truth & Gravy" #10
Should You Go into Meditation With Expectations? Let Cowboy Will Tell You How It's Done!

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Dharma ='s Tools & Practices that help you stay connected on a daily basis to the unchanging energy in yourself so change, obstacles, daily problems, restless minds...don't disturb your unshakeable inner peace...no matter what!
Dharma doesn't belong to 1 particular path.
It is for EVERYONE!
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"Truth & Gravy" #9 Yogananda said there are 4 ways to relate to the energy at your 3rd eye...but there's 1 that is the BEST. Today, Stacey will teach you what Yogananda said was the BEST way to relate to your 3rd eye energy!
"Serving ONE in ALL...Dharmic Truths For Unshakeable Inner Peace!

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Serving ONE in ALL TRUTHS For Unshakeable Inner Happiness!

Serving ONE in ALL TRUTHS for Unshakeable Inner Peace!

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