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Obligatory post meeting photo with these guys •
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Here's is one of my absolute favourite photos. And I'm posting it Today because I sold my Miata.• I'll keep this as short as I can. This was the car that introduced me into the car scene here in the GTA and allowed me to meet an endless number of amazing people who all share the same passion. I've made endless memories with this car, most of which I will always carry with me. Things like driving to the beach with a giant inflatable donut strapped to the roof, parking under things at car shows, trying to fit two guitars and a piano in it, endless car shows road trips and late night drives. I've said this once before when I sold my First car. My absolute favourite thing about being into cars is meeting others who share the same passion. I've spent hours going on drives, to car meets or working on this car with friends. And all that time together has strengthened my relationships with them and undoubtedly allowed me to meet some of the nicest people I know today. So here's to a good run with a girly car, onto bigger and better things 🍻 📸 - @devongossphoto #mazda #miata #thefeels

Vue depuis le croissant 🥐 •
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Throwback to when I was a blonde Chinese baby. And matt had a mushroom on his head. •
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I've got so much to do, but it's okay 'cause Whatever forever • #thatsamodernbaseballqoutekids #duckfacelikeits2014 #camshereinspirit

Throwback to summer car wash parties in the driveway. •
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Jenny taught me everything I know. •
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Anybody that knows me knows that I take photos Of everything. Partly because I have the worst memory ever so I'd forget half the things that I do, and partly because every year I make a collage of everything memorable over the past year. 2016 has definitely been exciting, long boarding in NYC, climbing mountains in Portugal , crowdsurfing in Detroit, driving 11 hours through back roads for a car show in Maryland and endless trip2016's to name a few highlights. I've also had to opportunity to find out who my best friends are, which has meant the world to me. So thank you to everyone who made this year memorable. I hope to see you in 2017 #thefeels #wobbletrip2017 #toomanypeopletotag #byefelicia