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Jason De Freitas  🌕JW 🔵22 🍊Orangeville On. 🔘'72 W108 ❌FOR SALE❌

First time at Fitted yesterday was great. Got to see a lot of the friends I've made through the car scene as well as meet countless new ones. Till the next show ✌🏼 • 📸 - @its.markis #whichwillprobablybeherlast #fittedlifestyle #mercedesbenz #w108

997 kms, 10 hours of driving , all in one night just to see some rectangles lit up on stage. • #totallyworthit #the1975

Great wedding with great people. Congratulations to Chloe and Casey we all wish you the best in starting a life together 🎇 •

It's a never ending struggle driving a classic • #shelooksthrilled #mercedesbenz #w108 #gatoradebottletotherescue

All of my friends drive cool fast cars and here I am in a tank. • #buymytank #w108 #subaru #mercedesbenz #somanysubies

All cars need whitewalls ⚪️ #w108 #mercedesbenz #buymycar #ringlandgang

We found an abandoned house today.

I made an account to pictorialize day to day things. And inspired by Jamie Livingston, it's taken with a Polaroid every day to keep track. If you're interested check it out 👍🏼 • @everydayinstantfilm

If anyone has ever wondered what it's like to own a classic car, listen to this. I needed a new brake line adapter piece for my Benz. I went to the Mercedes dealership to see if by chance they'd have one somewhere in their database. Turns out they have two, both of which are sitting in the Mercedes Benz classic cars museum in Germany. And they're willing to send me one. This just solidifies the notion that anything done with a classic car is an adventure. • 📸 - @its.markis #mercedesbenz #w108 #stillnobrakes #alsostillforsale

22 years later and I'm finally the tall one ( just ) • #nationalsiblingday #stillasaintho

Just out here in the states looking for a cheesecake factory • #lindatrip2017 #gettingcoils

She's back on the road finally 👀 and will be for sale at the end of may. If you want a 1970's gangster car for the summer, make me an offer. • #mercedes #w108 #forsale

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