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Judithh  Mother to a beautiful baby girl, wife to a wonderful man. Fitness | health 💪

21st birthday 🎉 didn't spend it taking shots or ordering margaritas and pounding micheladas, Not saying I wouldn't but don't know anybody around here that I would trust with my daughter. It wasn't party city for me but a relaxing birthday with my little family, and marco took me shopping so not complaining at all lol. Marco will most likely make me take a couple shots before the day ends. Just so happy the sun was shining, the weather was right and the day was beautiful❤️ got a lot of kind words from special people! #21stbirthday #cheerstonotgettingfuckedup #chillday #stillhadagreattime #momlife #mommymodeforever #notcomplaining #happybirthdaytome🎂 💁🏻🎈

Happy birthday to this gorgeous little princess, although we're not able to spend it with family it was an extremely successful day and Noelia had a blast we spent all day out and about and decided to end the day with at the beach/park and sang Noelia happy birthday with a triple chocolate cupcake, It definitely sucks that we don't have family right around the corner but we made it the best that we possibly could for her, it wasn't anything big but i will never forget the happiness I felt on this day as well as all the beautiful memories we have created. I will always cherish every moment cause they just come and go! And I will always be extremely thankful for having marco by my side and Noelia is absolutely blessed to have him as a dad 😩❤️ #happybirthdaybabygirl #iloveyou #ilovemylittlefamily #alwaysandforever

So wanted to rant a little bit about my progress, I have been going to the gym 6 days a week with only one rest day nothing has really changed with that, guys my goal is not to lose weight I actually hate it and for petite women like me that are trying to lose belly fat and not lose weight everywhere, is a huge struggle, yes I mean booty and legs. When people tell me I look skinny I actually get upset everybody has their insecurities, I know it's kinda dumb to be insecure about that but whatever. Anyways I am currently cutting down a little and tracking what I eat. Again not to lose weight but to maintain the weight that I am at which is 122. Hopefully with this new diet I will get a little more toned with out feeling bulky lol I just want to focus on toning out before hitting the big gains😄 I have already seen a lot of progress but hoping to see more. Also I am not cutting carbs at all. Good carbs are not you're enemy just saying! Any whosers, just wanted to give a little update on how my fitness and health journey is going! Hoping that one day I will inspire and teach people as so many have inspired me!
#updatepost #stayingfit #consistencyiskey #determinedwoman #fitmom #rant #foreverinspired #fitnessgoals #onestepatatime 🏋🏻‍♀️💪🏼😋

11 months have passed as of today and time does nothing to help but make you more and more beautiful. I just wish I could freeze it for a moment because I feel like you are growing by the second.
It is not easy but it's so easy loving you! I love holding you, I love kissing you, I love singing to you, hugging you, dancing with you, crying to you because you are what's keeping my heart full, I love smiling with you, laughing with you and treating you like a princess, my god you are everything and more in our @surreal209 life's Noelia We will forever be with you my little one you are heaven to us and more.
I will always cherish you because you are more than just my daughter you are my entire life and I live through you. Being your mother is my biggest accomplishment in life. No one could ever take away the joy and happiness you bring to me and you're father! #happy11months #iloveyou #mybaby #myjoy #myhappiness #happybaby #happylife #noelia ❤️❤️❤️

Watched the sunset 🌅 yesterday and it was breathtaking. #california #sunset #sky #pointmugu #oceanside #views #waves #beautifulday #ohappydays

Its not a late post cause in cali it's still 10 o'clock but anyways.
It has been an amazing day and I'm ending it with this post of such an amazing father to a beautiful angel. It has been an extremely crazy roller coaster with you being in the military and gone for a year but wow does it feel rewarding to have you home. The sun is was shining on you today because you have devoted yourself to you're daughter, you came home to us and have showed baby Noelia a life of pure happiness, I see everyday the love you have for her and she will be eternally grateful to call you her dad. One day she will be able to tell you how proud she is of you and all you have done for her! As I'm sure you will too, So happy fathers day babe! We love you entirely too much ❤️😁

Pretty much regretting not buying this😔 but at least I took a picture with it lol.

I am not quite sure how I got so lucky to have this little bitty gem in my life but god has blessed me with the greatest little girl in the world, she is absolutely amazing and waking up to her beautiful smile everyday is the best feeling in the world! I haven't been posting much because I am settling down with my little family in California and been busy with my girl and my man trying to do some family bonding and haven't really been stuck to my phone. But I plan to post more, hopefully! Especially of this little bundle of pure happiness. #babynoelia🎀 #shemakesmebetter #ilovehersmile #kindofcreepysmile #crazyhair #upcloseandpersonal #ninemonths #shelovesthecamera #whyareyousocute #soblessed #iloveyou 😩😍

Baby noelia is 7 months today, this little creation of mine has made my heart bigger than I could have ever imagined. My heart will foever be yours, i love you so much my little princess💗 #babynoelia #7months #crazyhair #babywaves #babyfaces #babygirl #babyselfie

It has seriously been way too long since I've posted a selfie and I'm diggin this one😄 #ss

Absolutely stoked on how my back is coming along, I hardly look at my back so I don't give my self enough credit for it but I do work it out twice a week and I am absolutely so happy to see these results. I have a long way to go but I am so completely determined and devoted to this lifestyle. You have to start somewhere and honestly when I first started working out I had no clue what I was really doing, I have learned so much from looking up all kinds of information, the people at the gym and all the amazing people that I follow, they post so many interesting videos on different workout routines and plans. Absolutely excited to keep seeing results😆🙊 oh and excuse my tattoo it looks like that cause I'm flexing. #progresspic #results #fitmom #backprogress #gymrat #gains #stillgoing #nevergivingup

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