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Julius Aguilar  God with me. Don't strive for cliché.

Ah, nothing motivates me to start working out again more than running out of content to post.
Fun fact: Besides my underwear, socks and belt, I’m wearing all thrifted pieces.
Fun fact 2: I thought these shoes were dope, until I found out that these specific shoes are the ones they give to people in jail. Aka I’m wearing jail shoes. Aka someone from jail donated these to Value Village. I threw them away once I found out.

I call this flatlay:
Things in my Dresser
Who saw the bts of this shot in my instastory? Lol

Smizing because Philippines has lowkey prepared me for the weather. And cause my friend is finally getting a kidney. Praise God.

"If creation still obeys you, so will I." Joy and obedience. These two things seem to resonate with me in the past couple of days. How I was feeling the blues because of certain circumstances. But that's when I forgot just how important it is to turn it all around and look up. How theres a reason and a process taking place. How God is making everything beautiful in HIS own time. And how things coulda been worse yet I focus on the downsides placed upon me. Nah man, joy. To find joy in this is what I've been lacking. It's what I've forgotten. Because to find joy through this means to seek Christ. If Paul was able to find it bound in chains and expecting his death, I can find it too. And now I realize I can't let it beat me down and turn my focus away. I shouldn't stop what I'm doing, because what would that help? Man, to still obey even when it gets real... talk about heart. Shout outs to God for blessing me with this wisdom once again.

Caring, Courage, and Creativity

In this season for a reason.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭8:28

Official new hair debut.

Don't ask God to guide your steps, if you are not willing to move your feet.

Deny thyself.

Always getting humbled by the things around me, the beauty in knowing the God of creation. I miss Philippines and the lessons God taught me in this retreat.


Know your season. Don't settle. Be patient. Diff season to sow. Diff season to reap.

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