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Joselito Romantiko  It's a long pursued mission, but in the end i will make it. Even if i never make it to thee history books, I'm guaranteed to die famous. #Team8JTV


Why can't I have this luck 😩#Repost @8jtv
Wrong Place, RIGHT TIME!!! Directed by @joris_rollersteady story by @nightowlvisuals featuring @jface143 @ribsturbation @david_arquilla #Team8JTV #8JTV

I need everyone who supports me and my hustle to head over and check out my great friends sketches over at @Room28Comedy YouTube channel (Click the link on their bio) They are releasing four new skits based on the oscars tomorrow in which I am in one of the four. Help them achieve their goal of getting five thousand subscribers. Only twelve hundred more to go.

(CLICK THE LINK ON OUR @8JTV BIO) For those that asked about our hoodies, pre-orders have just begun now on our site. Reserve one while supplies last. *Available until 2/27* @8JTV #Team8JTV #8JTV

Here's a little story about today and this picture. so while I was doing some work at Starbucks, this dude pops up and says "Hey man! no homo tho! But I be watching your video skits". As I'm thanking him for the support, he pulls out a dollar bill and asks for my autograph. Me thinking it's a joke I ask him if he's serious. He proceeds to tell me "Yes, I'm serious! You're going to make it big man". Now me knowing, my handwriting is ugly 🤣 I tell him "Nah man, let's take a picture, cause my signature skills aren't up there. And then this happened. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, so it's better to capture the moments and have a story to tell later. This was another highlight of my day. It's always a pleasure to meet those men and women that appreciate and support the skits. Thank you for this moment dude. Much blessings back at you.

#Repost @8jtv
When you think you wear the pants in the relationship (CLICK LINK ON OUR BIO FOR LONGER VERSION) Directed by 📸 @Joris_rollersteady (w/ @ayy_sha @ribsturbation @a1_scandaman @mariahlynnboss) #Team8JTV

Out of all the potatoes in the world, this is my very own potato 😘 my very special little girl. Oh Riley, how much you have grown so far. The love I have for you and your sister is beyond the limits this world can hold. You and your sister are the reason I work even harder now. Always and forever will.

Don't drown in this world full of sharks. Keep your head up and crown up.

It was cold as hell yesterday, but we managed to pull through. Thank you @room28comedy @juanbago for having me. It was a pleasure once again to have worked with the likes of you men and women. #Kudos

First and foremost, I want to thank my team for coming together to make this possible. We had so much fun putting this video together. Thank you to the very with the great special guests that put the time out their day to come through. Special shoutout to the internet for spinning off the obviously fake scene. We did it @kenstarrz we did it @aprincedgaf @joris_rollersteady thanks for putting this great vision of mine into reality. #Team8JTV #Lafamila8JTV

The pressure (Kodak's Voice) 😂😂 @8JTV @kenstarrz @kodakblack