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1st time shooting carry optics. It was harder picking up the dot under stress but it was a lot of fun. I can see myself settling into this division quite well. Big thanks to @fire4effectllc for all of their shooting help. @magnussportsusa shout out to @oma.rrq for the filming.

One gun transformed today. Pending the @teamtanfoglio stock 3 to be converted over for @pew.edith it’s going to be a new year and a new beginning. Excited to get behind the gun again. @patriot_defense @henning_group @magnussportsusa @jjracaza

Carry optics time 🧐

There was supposed to be an invisible barrier between the last 2 targets 😂😂 .... so much fun to finally get out and rip with @edith_lou

Rest in piece billy Conforto! Had a blast celebrating @edith_lou birthday watching @theovon amazing dude

I’m no gunsmith. But I just resurrected this #ak from the grave. Glad it works now!

I absolutely hate doing mag dumps. But this is for a good reason. Testing out my @tailormadesolutions suppressor covers at @fire4effectllc if you need one. Feel free to check us out. #scar #shooting #testing #research #suppressor #silencer

How she found the time to finish her degree, take care of Derin, cook, clean, while pregnant and put up with my craziness is beyond me. I think giving up and quitting would have been a much easier option but she didn’t. Good job babe. You definitely earned it. #ontothenextone @edith_lou

We can’t all be @lucastrexarms some of us have to load our own brass 😂 here’s a quick #reloading guide on how to covert #223 brass and #308 bullets into inexpensive 208 gr. subsonic #300blk all while carrying my 3 week old baby. I can’t see you @thegatman. @edith_lou

What color should I paint my can now? 🤔🤔🤔

Thank you @matt5033311 and @fire4effectllc for helping me finish my form 1 suppressor!! Second video has footage of the actual shooting, keep in mind I’m shooting next to a wall and I’m indoors. Overall the suppressor was hearing safe. I spent about 400 dollars making the suppressor where most of the bulk came from the silencer co ASR adapter. And of course 200 for the tax stamp. #nfa #300blk #ar15 #machining #lathe

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