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Looking back to go forward, I fell. I fell, only to break my shell. And inside was something I didn’t know existed...something beautiful, that only a fall could tell. | model: @hippiechiklifestyle hair: @theemjofhair

First photoshoot since surgery. 🙏🏾.My roommate in front of our apartment. | @gmaiinenarcisio

Just a matter of your point of hue. | @widnybazile

J3VideoChronicles: Miguel’s Kaleidoscope Dream Tour. A fan undresses and Mig doesn’t miss a beat 👌🏾. | @miguel throwback #vixen

The world projects their anger and rage, but calm cannot be defeated. | @mode.nads

There are moments in life that operate like a photograph. Something negative is created that shapes a part of your experience. The world sees you as opposite of the norm, and can’t process what or why you are brought into this world to interpret. But it is that negative process that is converted into something positive, something unique in its own right. It is then, it becomes clear to the world...that such strength and power has always been there, they just haven’t taken the time to develop the relationship to understand. Photo of @durandbernarr

Shoot The Shooter. By the awesome @yvonneschmedemann / @ueberjazz

More Alive In The Scenes Of Our Dreams. - J. Aiko

When the vision of our future becomes clear as day. We stare at it with intent and focus. | @thequincat ✌🏾

We have moments... moments subconsciously stored in our brain that curate our life’s experiences. We attempt to capture these times with our camera to remind us of our existence. We praise the essence of such moments and we’ve been using a platform that allows us to show it off to the world. But remember, a file can be lost, film can be damaged, an app can disappear...but the memory...God willing...is eternal. 2018 has been filled with moments no camera could ever interpret the emotion that has poured into my heart and soul. But for the moments that it has, it will be forever my intent to share with the world, the love, the passion, the beauty I see in humanity

London Fog : @mode.nads

Session w/ @durandbernarr

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