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Romeo Aguilar  Dream wildly. Live differently. Love recklessly. Lead courageously.

If you're trying to stay high, you're bound to stay low. #verses #protip #SF #vscocam

Thankful that this was my last time sleeping through hot afternoons and staying up all night.
Thankful for the past 2 years where I've learned to crawl, walk, and eventually run as a nurse.
Thankful for everything this floor has taught me.
Thankful for all the nurses who saw me not as a hindrance, but for who I would someday be.
Thankful for all the lives I've helped see to the next day.
Thankful for all the families I've been able to stand next to as they lost someone dear to them.
Thankful for every single lesson learned, mistake made, life touched and memory made through all of this.
Thankful to God for the opportunity to be a small part of what makes Torrance Memorial stand apart from the rest.
Thankful for one last amazing sunrise on 7East.
So much love for this floor and all the people who genuinely care for the lives we save here every single day.

"Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world." —John Muir

Day dreaming about where else this year will take us. I'm ready for winter. #yosemite #alwaysadventure #winter #bnw #vsco

"Anyone can find the dirt in someone. Be the one that finds the gold." #proverbs #livedifferently #loverecklessly #redwoods #vsco

"These mountains, once they grab hold of you, they never let go." #mountain #SEKI #findyourpark #alwaysadventure #vscocam

"What do you need to let go of in order to pick up the cross? After all, we are called to carry our cross every day. And to carry the cross sometimes we have put something else down."

We LIVE for nights like this, moments like this. Times when we live and love deeply, not because we have to, but because we want to; that there's no other way to respond but with love. I would easily come back and do another straight 3 to be her nurse and see her through her hospitalization. My heart is so full. God is so good. #earthangel

Just the right place at the right time ✌🏼#SEKI #goldenhour #Godsighting #vsco

Just a reminder. God is able. God is good. God is faithful. In case you forgot 😜 #thatsmyKing #protip #vscocam

I spent most of my night seeing if there's somewhere to get away for on my 2 days off... I'm always ready for the next adventure.
#views #alwaysadventure #joshuatree #workflow #vscocam

Ready for the unexpected.
Ready for what You will do next.
#worship #verses #shadowstep #churchinthewild #johnmuir #redwoods #alwaysadventure #vscocam

Joyce and I have gone more places in the first year we've been married than I've gone since... idk birth? Growing up, we never went places 😭At this rate, I'm sure we'll see the rest of the world by... next year? Married life is pretty awesome!
And Joshua Tree... 😶 ok so the rock formations are awesome, especially for me as a big boy who likes to climb on rocks. But seeing the sky at night like that? Never felt so small in my life. It's like looking up and finally seeing a world that was there the whole time but hidden in plain sight. God is so awesome. You can't look up at that sky and NOT be blown away by His handiwork. I have so many questions for when we see Him face to face.
#getmarried #seetheworld #Godsighting #JoshuaTree #alwaysadventure #vscocam

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