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J. Stóne  Artist | Photographer | Wanderer | Writer | Dreamer "take a look into my lens and see beyond the eye, for the beauty of a moment is infinite" J.Stóne

“they say an apple a day...”

“What are you true to?” | J.STÓNE

"It used to be Me against the world, until it became Us" | J.STÓNE

“Things just got Juicy!” | J.STÓNE

" A mile in my shoes can be tiring, you sure you don't want your own pair?" | J.STÓNE

“ Through your darkest moments focus on even the smallest amount of light and trust me, with a little bit of faith anything can happen" | J.STÓNE

"Did someone say Cookies!?" | J.STÓNE

"and to whomever brought the Hennessy, Thank You!" | J.STÓNE

"Get ready girls! ...and VOUGE" | J. STÓNE

"He's getting closer, just act you don't see him" J. Stòne

“When I Fly, You Fly, We Fly Together. “ J. Stóne | Starting to dig these nature shots. #moretocome

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