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Jeff Baines  Amateur photog. Heavy Metal aficionado🤘. Living in the greatest city, Berlin 🇩🇪. My geeky alter ego-

So this might seem like an odd request/question. After being away from Berlin for almost 15 years, we finally moved back in June of 2012. The city has changed immensely during that time away, especially the social scene (clubs, bars, etc.) I've got a handle on the various concert venues here, but don't have a frickin' clue as to where #metalheads go to just hang out and socialize. Where I used to go in the early to mid '90s no longer exists. Could someone please do me a huge favor and clue me in on where to go to simply hang out and do a little socializing?
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In case anybody was wondering, the reason I've been so quiet on Instagram lately is because I've managed to somehow blow out my knee. It's swollen to twice it's normal size & extremely painful. I was hoping it would go away on its own, but I guess after a couple of weeks, it's time to see a doctor. It truly sucks because I was planning on going to the @theofficialnapalmdeath concert at SO36 tomorrow night (they're one of the first bands that started me down the path of Heavy Metal music). Anyways, once I get my knee right again, I'll be back in the middle of the mayhem, taking the pics and sharing them with everyone. See you on the flip side.
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This is the Standesamt where I got married almost 24 years ago. How time flies!
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I'm so stoked to be seeing my friends, @wearebrutus in a week in Manchester, UK. I'm also really looking forward to seeing @arcaneroots for the first time. Awsome music from both bands!😁🤘
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I have days where it feels like life has come up behind me and landed a nasty kidney punch. These are the days where my pain is completely off the chart. I feel all 25 screws in my spine, every prosthetic, every single piece of metal they put in my back. There is no amount of medication or any other type of treatment that can touch it. What does help is going to one of my favorite spots, away from everyone. I'll crank up my metal, be it Lamb of God, Suicide Silence, Pantera, it doesn't really matter. What matters is that my music usually helps me deal with this level of pain where the usual suspects don't. Thank God for Heavy Metal.
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Delilah staying warm on a very chilly day. She's oddly calm with @lambofgod blasting away.
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Such a gray day.....what makes up for it though is the fact that #Berlin is such a wonderful city to live in and to photograph. The architecture, the layout of the streets, the overall feel is uncharacteristic of a big city.

I figure that if I have to go country line dancing with my wife, then I'm allowed to rebel against it a little.
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A little bit of Spring in the middle of Winter....
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Got this shirt at the last show I went to (because you can't go to a concert and not buy a shirt!). I think it's one of the coolest band shirts I've had in a while.
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The next show I'll be attending in Manchester, UK. Looking very forward to this, especially seeing @wearebrutus again!
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