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J  Personal 🚂er (nasm certified) 📍LA, serious inquiries text 714-592-6366, 🎓ucla

HUMPDAY TRAINING🍑 w/ client @stephsmeltz🔥. #letsgooguys💥😊#lastsetbestset🏆

What seems impossible today will one day become your warm-up! 💪🏻 Staying on beat w/ @alyssalynch 🔥#letsgooguys💥☺️

Putting @lifeofblondette 👯‍♀️ through a full body workout 🔥. Here’s a quick recap of the few exercises we did! #doubletrouble😈 #letsGOguys💪🏻

Here’s a little mobility/cardio sesh you can try! 💪🏻
60 seconds Down Dog to Arch. 60 seconds Spider Lunge w/ T Frame. 60 seconds Pigeon ( each leg ). 60 seconds Forearm Plank. 3 minutes of jump rope!
3 sets with no rest in between! 🔥🤗 @chelseasalmon1 getting it done.

Finishing with hanging leg raises 🔥from this morning’s session w/ @athenaperample 💪🏻. 4 sets of 10 reps💥! #fluffinessprevention 🤗

Hustle for that MUSCLE 😤💪🏻. @ann.andres getting it done ✅ #tuesdaymotivation #lesgooo!

DOUBLE TROUBLE 👯‍♀️ | Getting stronger together! w/ clients @brooke.jacqueline @marisajaramillo 💪🏻🔥#letsgooguys💥☺️

TRX knee tucks to mountain climbers 💥 w/ @alyssalynch 🙌🏻. We performed both moves for 30 seconds each💪🏻! 3 working sets 👌🏻 #mondaymotivation🤗

Friends that train together get strong together 💪🏻, clients @monw_ @lifeofamandariley smashing their session. ✔️ #doubletrouble👯 #letsgooguys💥☺️

It’s always a pleasure training @romeestrijd & @laurensvleeuwen 👫💪🏻 when they come to LA ✔️. #letsgooguys💥☺️

BOSU Ball work 💪🏻 challenging client @rachelc00k 🙌🏻 out of her comfort zone. #letsgoooguys 🔥💪🏻

Sweaty > Sorry 👊🏻😅. Saturday training w/ client @monw_ 🙌🏻 #lessgoooo 🔥

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