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Another one.

Pointless photos since i could take one 😂


All work no play, with tha homie ⭐️

If only I had a clone 🤔

Back. Views same same

For anyone thinking or commenting on my boobs. Why haven’t/don’t I get them done ? I dunno hunni, maybe I’m busy supporting my family ? Saving for other shit ? maybe I don’t have daddy paying my bills ? Or even worst dating a guy that’s willing to pay for them then leaving him once they have been done?!
Some girls can’t just get them done, for financial & MEDICAL! reasons.
Yeah I get it, they are hot! (🤤😂) but we are human I don’t want to be perfect!
I like having imperfections!
It makes us who we are!
Most of all I don’t wanna be another typical blonde bitch with a tit job. (Not in a mean way) or maybe I will - one day but first Ive got more important shit to focus on.

Thanks for your comments, I wouldn’t spend a second in the day to try bring someone down. Or even have time to write a mean comment, life’s hard enough so there’s my 2c :) ps all the girls with boobs this isn’t hate! Ill just leave this here 🤤😍 #hotkents

#PIC 👑👑 @shaunkirkham

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