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Izzy Kramer  Like my work? I do commissions! DM me. 📮 (Also check me out on Society6 - link link link!)

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Fun times for @thefourtop 🍗

Lately I’ve been researching and writing a lot about tech and the food industry. So, I made this little guy. 🤖🍽👨‍🍳 Keep an eye out for him on @thefourtop and in the latest edition of @northagency digital digest coming out next week.

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Check out @thefourtop for some pretty nifty wine vocab and illustrations. 🍇 🍷

I haven’t been posting much. It’s because I have a side bae - @thefourtop, a food and beverage podcast recorded in Portland. Follow The Four Top on all the socials (FB, IG, TW) to check out the work and illustrations I do for this great podcast. 🎙

@loveonetoday shared my work today and gave credit were credit was due. Thank you! 👏🥑👏

🎷guess that drink! 🍻

⚡️name it🍺
‘a little bit like less-sickly butterscotch’

🍎 name the fictional drink 🦊
boggis, bunce, and bean

🥄name this fictional drink ❤️
“Spoon your way to health!”

🛡name that drink ⚔️
common in the seven kingdoms

🍒name that drink 🥃
don draper’s usual

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