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There are wins we do not showcase and there are losses we cannot hide. However we are defined by how we react to any of the outcome.

When you follow the crowd you lose yourself, but when you follow your soul you will lose the crowd. Do not fear the process of solitude. Eventually your soul tribe will appear.

Anticipating @ygbgambit single titled designers like.... 📸 @ygbpatron

Anonymity 💯 💀

What are you passionate about? #Focus

Low 🔑

Joy of approaching the next level is written all over @ohaeriemmanueli I’m just exhausted and need a proper meal from @nellies.ng with my fellow ygb veterans @ygbgambit @ygbpatron plotting major moves.

No such thing as a life that is better than yours.

You know greatness when you see one @looloowiththejuice All ❤️ from this end

D O N T L E T N O B O D Y T E L L Y O U Y O U C A N T D O S T U F F. I F T H E Y W E R E Y O U T H E Y W I L L D O S A M E S H I T H E Y B E C O M P L A I N I N G A B O U T.

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