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Izzy❥ Arnott♡  Young Minds Activist 🌛 17 | West Sussex, UK

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Storms don’t last forever 🍃


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Psych wards and the truth... call it the ‘Looney bin’ the ‘mental hospital’ the ‘lunatic asylum’ and many more tell us we are born crazy and will never live an independent, happy & free life. Told that this illness that took away my adolescence will continue at taking over and eventually take, ...my life. The stats don’t look good, the odds are against you, you won’t make it. Being a prisoner to your own mind and a prisoner to your own body trapped inside both physically and mentally, always being told ‘you’re too unwell’ to participate in any outside events of life. First it was friends you took, then it was school, then you took prom and leavers and any chance to say goodbye. But what if you were ‘NORMAL’ what does that even look like? Is it okay to keep a child locked up 24/7? If you can make it out of here you’ll be back. You will witness horrible things & wish that a physical pain could replace the mental pain you felt so that everyone around you understands. But no, what if you one day become freed from the mental illness that has trapped you and prove all the stats wrong and live a free and happy fulfilling life never to return, what if that is your only future? That’s the only goal I have

FlOaTiNg ThRoUgH

15 years old and he still loves the snow ❄️❤️

Fancied a change 🐬🐳🦋❄️💧💎

Back in the day he would run along with a huge log in his mouth and accidentally wipe out any people that were walking along in his way, that’s why I love him

Be happy

I love him more than anything

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