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10.9.16 // peaches and cream, sweeter than sweet 🍥

8.20.16 // back & it's my birthday ❢

7.23.16 // Happy Birthday Sarah!! You're finally 18 gurl and it was such an honor being a part of your debut! Have a good one beautiful 🎂♥️ ILY! #sarah@18

6.19.16 // Dear Dad,
You've walked me down the isle once and I look forward to you doing it again in the future 👰🏻. Throughout my whole life you have become my protector, provider and hero. Never once have you failed to support me (besides in my fashion sense lol👗) and always be there through my toughest of times. All my strength that I've obtained mentally and physically comes from you 💪🏻. I see you a role model and also my best friend . You'll always be the guy that comes first in my life before anyone else 🏆. Everything that you've sacrificed and done for me is priceless and I'm so blessed that you even call me your blessing 🙏🏻. Being the only guy in my family I commend you for dealing with being surrounded by Me, Mom, and Mae all the time 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧. You, being the strongest man I know has always given me a reason to be happiest daughter each day with you in my life 🙂. I love you Papa ♥️

6.16.16 // Avii ☁️ ; woah I've been MIA for quite a while now but now that's it's summer I'm not as busy anymore and will be more active. Trying a new feed as well finally

5.18.16 // kinda want to cut my hair, kinda don't want to regret it 💇🏻

5.8.16 // Dear Mom,
Where do I even begin? From the day I was born you knew you would be raising a crazy, weird child. You've always been by my side just to make me happy. Through all the exhausted nights and minimum sleep you've gone through you are still able to put up the biggest of smiles just to see mine🙂 You are the most strongest💪🏻, funniest😂, prettiest😍, smartest📝, kindest💓, and my biggest role model💁🏻There is nothing in the world that I can do to pay you back for everything that you've done for me but to you, just my love and happiness is priceless in your eyes. I love you so much mom from the bottom of my heart & will forever be the luckiest girl to have you in my life 👭♥️

4.18.16 // I'm your queen, you my ruler ♔

4.11.16 // 🐶💕 before the day ends, Happy #NationalPetDay !

4.2.16 // I'll always naturally look happy because I am happy ☻

4.2.16 // dances are the only time I will ever get dolled up and look pretty 💙

3.30.16 // baby it's whatever 🤗

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