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Carrie  Dancin + Travelin. Born and bred in Nashville Tennessee . TitterGlitz.⚡️Going Dutch. DancEast.⚡️.Springwater.⚡️.theChromebar M88 V I N T A G E

On top of all the excitement this weekend, I got to meet Penny and see my Elgin family! This gal is gonna be a badass with wild woman hair. @acharris928 y'all made the cutest little human. Good work. 💓

It's been a big weekend. My baby brother is now Marine, made it just in time to see baby gant off. 💕 @gant_andrew

⚡️ did it! Danced at @napdcc with some of the most amazing performers I have ever had the chance to share the stage with. Didn't get a lot of pictures but I did document the last 14 hours of my makeup. From backstage to waking up in my car with an eyelash halfway off. check out that yay you did it medal. 🔥

TOMORROW! I've danced my whole life and never competed. I'm gonna treat this like a big ass dance party with the best people around. #dancetime

My garden knows how much I love Halloween. Already got my first pumpkin! 🖤 🎃 On another note, tonights the night for CHAIR DANCE at @thechromebar from 6-7pm.

I 💗 @thechromebar Getting my Dance time in with @jolenetheresa while I can. #thechromebar

Pool is finally clean!!!!! ⚡️💕 #klausdingdong

Klaus Dingdong. Best thing ever. 💕💓 #klausdingdong

HAPPY PRIDE!!! See y’all dancing around town this weekend. All the love to @qdpnashville 💛💙❤️

Heels was on fire tonight. 🔥🔥 every Thursday night at @danceast from 8-9pm. See y’all next week! Music I Know by @bigsean #nashvilledance #heels #heelsdance #nashvillefitness

More cactus brought in today!!! Follow our vintage page @m88vintage #m88vintage

TWO CLASSES TONIGHT! Contemporary at 6:55 followed by Heels at 8 both at @danceast 🔥 More classes coming soon, including Drag Dance Class coming back to ya! #dance #nashvillefitness #nashvilledance

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