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Summer will be missed


|meilleurs amis|

tommy girl

I'm gonna miss Gabi❤️

street walks

what if we never met

Off to Martin🖤❤️🖤❤️

good morning :)

It's all smiles through all four seasons🌙

everything's blurry but the feelings are real

My Definition of Love

Ive never been in love but u know what I mean. But I imagine it to be hard. It is wanting another person more that you want yourself. It is giving and expecting nothing in return. Once that expectation exists, problems are inevitable. It is having lots of arguments but no disrespect. It is having someone who knows your weaknesses but doesn't use them against you. Love is a sacred thing. It is by no means perfect, nor is it flawless. It is beautiful with every little imperfection. Perfection is always the same but imperfection makes each love a unique thing. Love is not a destination we reach at one point. It is a journey we began when we were born. It is not something that you find. It is something you discover as you look more and more into your soul and learn more about yourself. It is having someone who makes you see the world in a better way. Someone who shifts the focus from insignificant worries to the things that actually matter. Love never brings you down, it only brings you up. It only grows. It is appreciating someone for who they are not just for the way they make you feel. Love is seeing the beauty from within. Love lasts a lifetime. It is a dedication to keep holding the hand of the one who loves you even at heart. It is the commitment of bettering oneself by bettering another.
That is my definition of love.

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