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Iylia Syazana Azhari  Watch my latest YouTube video here! 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼


Tutorial for this super easy soft cut crease eye makeup that’s suitable for everyday wear (and most importantly foolproof) is up on my channel! Click the link in my bio to watch! 👆🏼👆🏼👆🏼.
P/s: Any ideas on what look should I do for my next video? Comment below!

Someone’s not happy that her long weekend is ending soon. #restingbitchface

Reunited 👫👫🧕🏼

Yesterday was our 1st anniversary. Yes it was yesterday haha but I had headache (my sinus was and still is acting up) the whole day that I couldn’t bring myself to post something here like my husband did. So here it goes...
To the man who was there when I was at my lowest, who was there when I burst out crying when it gets too much, who does the dishes when I do all the cooking, who helps me with laundry eventhough I complain about how the folded clothes are not perfectly aligned everytime, who’s very patient in dealing with my mood swings, who always tries his best to provide me with the best and most importantly to my imam, thank you for the wonderful one year (and a day).
I love you so much sayang. Happy 1st anniversary to us! #iylialiff

Adik’s post is like the opening so mine is the closing la gituu. So here it goes... Happy 49th Birthday, Mama. I’m posting a picture of you after I made you up because I know how much you love it when I force you to be my canvas. Well, tbh I don’t have a picture of you in a wheelchair saved in my phone. Why? Because it hurts me to see you that way. It hurts because I’m so far away from you and couldn’t take care of you as much as I want to. Eventhough jealous, I’m grateful that adik is much closer to you and papa and could come back home more often. Indeed, Allah is the best planner.
All I can do is pray for you after each salah. May Allah heals you fast because I miss seeing you “taktau duduk diam” and also your cooking so much! I love you mama. Happy happy birthday ❤️

I can't believe my dearest Gun Gun is married! Someone pinch me 😫 Gone are the days when you'd come to our house during school holidays and play PS2 together. Gone are the days when we'd play with nenek's bedak sejuk and pretend that we're doing makeup on each other 😂 Oh how I'll miss it so so much! Why do we have to grow up 😭 But I'm so happy for you Gun. To Amir, please take care of my dearest Gun Gun and please don't expect her to be one graceful lady because she's the total opposite 😅 #AmirAnggun

You thought I'm done with my honeymoon videos huh? Of course I'm not!This was shot somewhere around Luzern and Locarno.
In Luzern, Carina took us to a cable car ride up to Stanserhorn where the spectacular scenery was recorded.
Tante Jen took us to Ticino (Italian speaking part of Switzerland) where the Valle Verzasca is located at. The water was so clear I felt like swimming. But of course it was freezing. I can tell this was @t_muhhammadaliff's favorite spot because he can't stop explaining to me what each lines on the rocks meant. Which part of the rocks were old and vice versa. I have to say I was fascinated as well.
#switzerland #locarno #luzern #iylialiff

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin from us! #teamrayarumahmertua #teammerah
Thank you for helping me out in the kitchen this morning, sayang. I wouldn't be able to cook 3 different dishes without your help. You're the best husband ever @t_muhhammadaliff ❤️

Rindunya 😫😭

I usually do this kinda post for my mom because she's the touchy-feely type. My dad, though, is the total opposite. But since @thefamily.uk came up with the hashtag #11thingsiloveaboutmydad, I thought to myself why not? So here it goes:
1. He's the most down-to-earth person I know.
2. There's nothing he can't do. He's the foreman, he's the electrician, he's the doctor (of course) and also the cook!
3. As a cook, he's an awesome one. His asam pedas is unbeatable!
4. He has friends everywhere. Like, seriously 😑.
5. He'll always want to give the best for us.
6. He spends less on himself than he does on his daughters. Baju dia mahal tak boleh. Baju anak mahal takpe.
7. His taste in music had influenced my taste in music. I've been listening to Eagle, Bryan Adams, Deep Purple, Air Supply, Journey etc. ever since I was 4.
8. He plays drum really good 😎.
9. He can't dance, he really can't but he loves doing it 😂 #sorrypapa.
10. His overprotectiveness. One time, I had a makeup job at the rural area of Segamat. Usually when it's that far, I'd find someone to accompany me but for that job, I couldn't so he became my driver and while waiting for me to finish, he hung out with his friend who lived nearby. Refer point no 4.
11. His obsession with wanting everything on him to match with the colour of his bike when he goes for a ride. From his t-shirt to his belt to his shoes. Everything! 😂.
Needless to say, my dad is a one and only. I love you papa! Happy father's day!

Precious ❤️.
The guy in the red t-shirt too.
See what I did there? 😝.
#sorrysayang #iloveyou

I've always loved lilies and they're not cheap back in my small hometown, Kluang but recently, I went to this flower shop at Petaling Street, these babes are only RM35 for 5 stems! #jakunkejap😂

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