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WAHYU MAHENDRA  Director. Travel & Lifestyle Photographer. Bali Based. Currently 𖤥 Bali Co-founder @visitnusapenida


Waking up to a tropical paradise 🏝 @visitnusapenida
Excited to travel to other continent this week!
It's gonna be a challenging trip for me, cause these countries don't have tropical vibes.
Any guesses where am I going next?
hint : kebab🍖

My grandfather said 'You have to help people if they need you even you're poor. When You're success, don't forget to help more people. Believe in Karma.'
One year ago, my life was completely different.
I have no money in my bank account.
A lot of people dm me, ask me to hang out.
I spent a lot of money in gas, food, travel around Bali...just to meet new friends and show them around.
Whoever I met through instagram, I feel like they're part of my family.
I believe, I will learn something new from their story.
I've learned marketing from my friend who works as a businessman, I learn videography from travel videographer, I learn other cultures like American or Europian from them.
I really love it.
Even one day. ..I only had less than one million, and some of my friends (foreigners) asked me to join them to East Java (I didn't post anything from that trip cause I don't know how to edit waterfall).
But I learn something about friendship, experience that I won't never forget.
I love seeing their smile when I help them to organize the trip, called all my friends in East Java to figure out everything.
Now I feel like everyone is helping me.
Doing the same like I did one year ago.
I will keep helping people around me, even I don't know you...at least through my instagram.
We're not friends on instagram, but who knows..We will meet someday in real life.

Find me under the palms 🌴
Why do you travel?
I travel to know who I am.
I live in the city, my parents have a good job, I sleep in a nice room everyday.
I wanna challenge myself.
If I live far away from my parents, am I be afraid?
If I sleep in a different place with strangers, can I be friends with them ?
If I don't have money, can I survive and see my parents again?
There are a lot of things happen when I travel. Things that I never learn from school or book.
It's a experience from people that I met, from the local, from nature.
Some Indonesian followers said 'I can find the same beach like in Maldives without travel to Maldives'.
You're right. But you won't see how Maldivian smile to you, how they doing their daily activity, how delicious Maldivian food.
Something that I can't tell you through my photos or insta story.
But I will always remember and I will tell it to you when you meet me. someday...

Who wants to swim here?
Maldives is definitely heaven on Earth🏝
khusus buat Indonesian!
Aku & @maldiveslowbudget bakal kasih 2 oleh" khas maldives, mirip boncabe tapi enaknya asli gak nahan.
Dari rempah" asli + ikan goreng, dijamin nagih!
Khusus buat 2 orang yg beruntung.
Mention 1 temen kalian.
Boleh mention sebanyak"nya untuk kesempatan menang yg lebih besar.
Aku bakal pilih random.
Pemenangnya aku umumin 3 hari lagi.

Big Lagoon from Above ✈️
This was my first time flying over Maldives with seaplane.
It was incredibly awesome.
I saw hundreds of islands, blue lagoons and beautiful beaches, experience I won't never forget.
Thank you @conrad_maldives for making my dream comes true.

Just another day in Para ➳ dise❉
Have you seen sandbank like this before? @maldiveslowbudget

How many dolphins have you seen in ocean?
I still can't believe I saw these beautiful aquatic mammals swimming around us.
They're dancing and sometimes jumping to entertain us.
First day in Maldives was cloudy, it was raining hard. We did island hopping from Maafushi Island to their 'home'.
Hopeless..When we walked to the boat, we never expected we will see them.
But when we arrived at their home, they knew how to make our feeling better.
They kept surprising us with their intelligent behaviours.
One of the most amazing experiences I've ever had.
Thank you @_febrian who took this picture @maldiveslowbudget #alakaatmaafushi

Smell the sea and feel the sky...daydreaming at @conrad_maldives with @kadekarini @her_journeys 🏝

The Wilderness🐘🍃
The Sumatran Elephant, a subspecies of the asian elephant, is critically endangered and is found only in Sumatra, Indonesia.
You can donate to help save the Sumatran Elephants with @wwf_id & @musictulus
Link in my bio :)
Teman" bisa bantu untuk mendonasikan sedikit dana demi menyelamatkan gajah" sumatra dari kata punah.
Hasil donasi akan membantu membelikan kalung satelit GPS untuk Gajah Sumatra.
Info selengkapnya bisa klik link di bio-ku.
Terima kasih #TemanGajah :)

So excited that I am partnering up with @hiwonderlust to do an interactive photography seminar during the expedition in Sumbawa from March 30th until April 6th! There will be a photo contest during the trip and you can win a Phantom 3 SE drone! Limited seat!✨
For more information ask @hiwonderlust or whatsapp +62 878-5547-4861

Dreaming in the rice fields...there is no place like home 🌾✨

Wildnerness without wildlife is just scenery. @elephantsbali

Awal tahun udah gak pusing lagi buat traveling, karena di Traveloka ada penawaran seru, booking Flight + Hotel sekaligus bisa hemat sampai 20%!
Bookingnya mudah, Travelnya seru!
Tunggu apalagi, buka aplikasi Travelokamu sekarang & bikin rencana perjalananmu ke Bali lebih mudah & murah!
🎥 @bayriwiguna
Music by Aela - Ronda @nopenotlauren
#NginepPastiSeru, #BetterTogether

Moment like this ✨

A lifetime of adventures.. #shotoniphone5

Two more weeks before leaving home then start traveling to Maldives - The Philippines - India -Japan - Korea.
Super stoked to share all my travels with you x

Mornings at Hidden valley ✨

Get lost in the waterfall 💦

What's your favourite place to photograph sunset?
Mine is Lombok island (Indonesia) & Siargao island (The Philippines) where I can find Palm Trees everywhere🌴

Shore of Paradise 🌅

Adventure is calling ⛰
What is your travel plan next month?
Mine is Maldives & Philippines 🌴

Watching the sun light slowly dissapear over the ocean 🌴✨

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