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IWOCNYC  NYC Local for Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee of the Industrial Workers of the World. LET'S GET FREE

Assata freed 37 years ago today. If you don't know

Trash RICO! Free the Bronx 120!
Photo from the October 19 press conference at Federal Court in support of the Bronx 120.

#trashRICO #freethebx120 #stoptheraids

After today's court date and press conference/demo for the Bronx 120 some of us will be headed to the Bronx to protest the killing of another Black Woman #DeborahDanner.

Come through for Black Lives. These pigs won't stop untill we make them.

#DeborahDanner #standwithbx #fuckthepolice

We got it tonight @the_basebk 's Abolish Prison Society with the comrades doing Rapid Responder's Network and Kalief Browder Bail Fund. Big tings a gwan! Come pack the court with us next week and link on the (lumpen)proletarian revolution

Please please please come out and pack the court for the 120 young people, who were brutally kidnapped by the state, and their loved ones on their first court dates on Wednesday October 19 and Thursday October 20. For some, those dates will be their first day "out" of months-long solitary confinement. As a kidnapped brother poignantly writes, "I'm watching these people play with lives like it means nothing." Wednesday, Oct 19
Press Conference 8:30 AM
Pack the Court 9:00 AM

Thursday, Oct 20
Pack the Court 9:00 AM

Location: Federal Court, 500 Pearl Street


On April 27, 2016, over 700 NYPD and federal officers, using military-grade equipment, executed the largest mass raid in NYC history, in Eastchester Gardens in the Bronx. 120 people were arrested and indicted on the basis of “conspiracy charges.” The NYPD and the feds are using conspiracy charges and social media monitoring to indict whole social networks.

Some of the men indicted have already been acquitted for the charges on a state level, but under Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), they are being charged on a federal level for "conspiring." The use of RICO in Black and Brown communities is a continuation of strategies, such as COINTELPRO, the street sweep, and stop-and-frisk, used to terrorize communities of color and perpetuate slavery. The newly appointed police commissioner James O’Neill oversaw the arrests of the Bronx 120, and we can be certain that under his regime that this human trafficking of young, black men through mass raids will continue.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the actions.

To learn more or donate visit www.bronx120.org

Join us at this political forum and comic sketch, Survival Crimes: from Mumia to Bx120, presented by the Campaign to Bring Mumia Home, this Wednesday 7pm. #survival #prison #masssurveillance #bringmumiahome #politicalprisoners

From D yard after the pigs retook Attica. The repression that took place is unimaginable. We'll be writing and making calls in response to the repression taking place after September 9th tomorrow @the_basebk at 7:30. Come through if you've been wanting to get involved

Keep updated on strike news at http://www.maskmagazine.com/the-prisoner-issue/struggle/live-updates-prisoner-strike

But on some real shit we gotta give love to those that came before. Today is Big Black's birthday, an OG Attica brother.
Peep this old profile of Big Black at DemocracyNow
#atticabrothers #attica #rip #restinpower

Us af rn

Ight we rly out here it's a certified lituation we bout to get this money in the streets

Today's the MF day bout to flood ya whole ig all day. Peep some posters at prisonstrikeposters.com and most importantly this jawn from the comrades @its.going.down for real tools to deal with the repression of our comrades inside


Clik like, come out tonight, let's get this money

Tomorrow the day! Come make noise in solidarity with incarcerated workers striking and the #bx120
Slide thru

A certified lituation and hopefully the first day of the lumpenproletarian revolution #s9 #attica #atticauprising #iwoc #incarceratedworkersorganizingcommittee

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