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I Will Harness  #IWillHarness my energy to power change.

Despite President Trump's reversal of his own policy to separate families at the border yesterday, there is still no plan to reunite the 2,000 separated children. We gather tomorrow to demand a solution and #EndFamilyDetention Join us. Take action at stopseparation.org #iwillharness (link in profile)

Yesterday, the President signed an executive order to end #FamilySeparation. But now we must march onward and demand we #EndFamilyDetention. We must not allow our nation to imprison children and their families in internment camps. Go to www.endfamilyseparation.us to take action. #iwillharness Link in profile.

The LA Latino Int'l Film Festival #LALIFF is June 20th–24th at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood! It showcases the human experience from the Latino perspective, whether through film, television, digital, music, art, or any other vehicle. See www.latinofilm.org to attend! #iwillharness #LALIFF2018

The administration has been enforcing a zero-tolerance policy on the border, separating thousands of children from families. Children are torn away from parents and held in cages with no idea of when they’ll see their families again. We will not let America fall short of its ideals. All human beings deserve to be treated with compassion and dignity. See www.stopseparation.org to join the June 24th event in Tornillo, Texas demanding this ends or get involved in your own city. #FamiliesBelongTogether #StopSeparation (link in profile). #iwillharness Photo: @votolatino

So proud of all our youth across the country who are showing true leadership and are organizing to end gun violence in their schools and our shared communities. Take action and join the movement at www.everytown.org (link in profile) #iwillharness graphic: @everytown

@londonbreed made history today as the first-ever female black mayor of San Francisco. A long-time community activist who grew up in public housing, she is the only female mayor to serve in the top 15 largest US cities. ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏻✊🏽✊🏼#iwillharness photo: @bbcnews

We will not let hate win. On the 2nd anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting, we remember the 49 lives lost and 53 wounded. We demand real gun reform so that these senseless tragedies are no longer a nightmare that our shared communities must fear. See link in profile to see how you can help enact change. #orlandostrong #iwillharness photo: Getty Images

We must work to increase representation in all industries-- including movie criticism. The numbers speak for themselves. See link in profile for a full report on why we need #30302020 in representation of film critics to eradicate the #InclusionCrisis. #ascj #iwillharness

40% of the youth in our shared communities who are experiencing homelessness are #LGBTQ. Often, they have a hard time finding shelters that will accept them and are at a greater risk of violence and abuse. Learn how you can help at www.nationalhomeless.org Link in profile. #EndHomelessness #iwillharness Artwork by James Heimer

Harness Community Founder @wilmervalderrama closed out the Social Innovation Summit that brought together those hungry not just to talk about the next big thing, but to build it. He spoke about the importance of storytelling across all industries and the work of our Harness community. #iwillharness

Regardless of a child’s immigration status they are still just a child. Regardless of where they are coming from they still maintain their basic human rights that must be respected.
In homage to the iconic I AM A MAN photograph from 1968, we hope to remind Americans that ALL children are human beings and are all of our shared responsibility.

#FamiliesBelongTogether #iwillharness I

Creative Director: @PaolaMendoza
Photo Credit: @KishaBari

The separation and deportation of migrant families and their children has been rapidly increasing since the Obama administration, putting a huge strain on the health and wellbeing of our shared communities. Help end the separation: unitedwedream.org (Link in profile) #FamiliesBelongTogether #iwillharness artwork by @mataruda

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