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Holly Ann 

Outside friends😊

Duuuuudddeeeee so fucking rad! I am truly blessed to have such talented friends💛 Thank you so much @00kalani00 I will love them forevers😊😻

Puppy sitting and dimensional hunts🐥

Sir Gregory of the door frame💛 hard to get a good picture of this young chap with the wind warbling him. But, he guards the door to our home...So be warned. 😍

Manuel the mantis. He snuck in our place today probably to escape the heat but it was hot as balls in here when I got home. So I am sure this guy was very grateful to get released back into the wild💛 rescue and release all day baby^.^

Feelin' it💛

@livefastdiefast15 💛 A million fucking thank yous to you, Andy! You have took literal weight off of my shoulders and my melon is feeling cooler then ever😍 You are nothing short of amazing and I am super blessed to be able to call you my friend💛💖💛

Keeping our peeper game strong💪If I was to ever start a gang requirements would be pretty eyes and a foul smart mouth. Smart as is sassy and educated. Oh yes, you will be judged on how you swing a bat. Mmkay thanks💛

Sneak peaks😜

Mi familia😊💞

Rooftops and tree blops💛

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