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⭐️ ivy the samoyed⭐️  a cheeky samoyed loving life with her two cat sisters in adelaide, south australia 🐾

we all have that one crazy friend who helps you get into all sorts of muddy trouble and has you rolling on the floor laughing 😊 @yay.yuffie I think we're going to be friends for life 💕

keeping cool with my very cool cat socks and relaxing under the aircon ☀️🔥 trying to convince her to play fetch but she just sits there and says meow. I think that means 'we can play in 5 more minutes after i watch the morning news' 🐾 I will wait patiently ☺️

got to FaceTime with hoomum this morning ☺️ I was so happy to see her! but I couldn't figure out how to get her out of the screen? 🤔 She has gone to the other side of the world to study. sadly I wasn't allowed to come but I'm having fun with my other mum and little hoomans. she says there are lots of doggies in europe but none as cute as me 🐾 she hopes she sees a samoyed soon so she can give it a big cuddle

santapaws is coming to town 🎄wishing all our friends a very merry christmas. mum said i have been a very good doggo this year so im a shoe in for santas nice list 🎁.... willow maybe not so much 🐾

mummy and i have been missing sharing our adventures with you lately, and seeing all the fun things our friends are up to! 😊 even though our new house has a very nice air conditioner, it doesn't have wifi. so just in case anyone has forgotten- i am still just as cute, fluffy and cheeky as when you last saw me 😜 ps: my latest fun activity is stealing all the toilet rolls from the bathrooms and shredding the paper all through the house 💩

my Disney princess inspiration for the week is sleeping beauty 👸🏼💤 will only wake for true loves kiss... or the smell of delicious chicken 🍗

ain't no party like a samoyed party 🎉 happy birthday to our wonderful friends Hudson and mack @lifeoftheamigos 😊🎈

just a pair of clouds watching clouds ⛅️☁️ see dimi! that one looks like a cat! 🐱 he just thinks they all look like chicken nuggets 🤦🏼‍♀️ @goodboy.dimi

the fluffy butt squad are at it again! 😊🐾 2 more sleeps until we do it all again at huddy and mac's birthday! 🎉 @yay.yuffie @lucaboy_the_samoyed @cardhusamoyeds @goodboy.dimi

how mum and i feel about hot days and going to work 😫 we should be swimming at the beach! 🌊

all smiles because now my boyfriend @goodboy.dimi is also my neighbour! 😊 today he took me on a date to the beach 🌊 just think of all the adventures we can have now. shh don't tell mum but maybe I can sneak out at night for a midnight kiss 😘💋

see mum! told you i was an angel 😇

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