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I been waiting for the perfect moment to post this and to find words but honesty and reality.. I suck at words so I’m just gonna post 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 Emotional watching this. My journey with this company has been nothing short of amazing... from a struggling young mom of 2 on every ounce of additional help she can get —- to 3 years in this amazing company.. 22 years old .. almost a 7 figure earner.. #2 for PPA (recruiting new thrive rd) Constantly helping others and earning huge bonuses. We are blessed. We are thankful and we are so honored to be in this MAGAZINE featured side by side with some amazing leaders.. along with my beautiful kiddos and amazing husband in the photo!! I was in the very first magazine launch and now this one with my husband who I was lucky enough to meet because of this company...( WOW)
I had no experience.. I had no idea what I was doing whenI joined .. I couldn’t even sell you toilet paper and that’s something you can’t go without 🤷🏽‍♀️ I only loved the dang product and knew everyone needed a change whether they joined as a customer or promoter... I knew.. like toilet paper and water.. people needed thrive 😂😂😆 I love what I do. I love our team and leaders ... because of them we are where we are and because of us sharing the opportunity .. many feel amazing .. getting real results .. and are able to provide for their families!! They work so hard and have so much passion for what they do 😍😍✅💯 I’m not the same person I was 3 years ago... and for that alone .. I’m forever grateful. I have worked so damn hard y’all. I can’t even begin to explain!!! 😭😭💓💓

A dream doesn’t become reality because of magic .. 😉 And remember your dreams don’t have an expiration date! Stop watching others have what you want!! 💓🙏🏽

Thrive Fit is coming this month (ask me about it!!) 😰🙏🏽 Talk about my results are going to be even better!! (Now that I have leaned out I want to add more muscle) This is September 20 till today. So stop acting annoyed when people post that daily gym pic/ they forsure are just working towards a goal and killin it!! Also follow along with our new company!! @adkinsfitco which the site shall launch tomorrow 💓😻 My goals do not have to be your goals! (We all have different ones) Planning and hoping I can compete in a show by spring👑

Went to bed extra early last night which is normally not like me but even the girls went to bed by 6pm (like I said full recovery mode for whatever virus hit us) 😱 Feeling almost like a new person this morning!! (Thanks for all the suggestions on my FB page )💓 Was super excited to wake up to my inbox with 7 new peeps! My biz works itself even when I’m unable to sometimes!! Yesterday was also payday (every Tues) and I got what People making $20 an hour for an entire month make—JUST IN A RAISE.. yes in one week - Talk about a blessing while feeling not up to par!! 💓 And on top of that working extra hard tonight for the launch of our full site for Adkins FitCo!! Hope everyone has a blessed WED!!

Y’all! This weather here is becoming way to cold LOL! We didn’t last long at the pumpkin patch this weekend because of the weather.. but the girls had a blast! Jealous of everyone who still can wear summer clothes and be outdoors 😅😱🍂🍂🎃 Hope everyone had an amazing weekend and an even better Monday!! 🔥✅😻 So thankful we can pickup and leave for a weekend trip hours away and not stress over the cost! Love what i do 💓💪🏽 Always room on my team!! 😊 @alwaysadkins

Our boy 💙 He’s chunked up and is SO perfect!! We cannot stop staring at him! Can’t wait to find the perfect name for him (when mama visits hoping we can figure one out) 🙂 His features are the cutest! First mama has been doing really amazing beside the weekly shot Is making her have horrible headaches. Keep her and little man in your prayers 💓 While we are waiting God is always working 🙏🏽 I still cannot believe he was chosen to be Ours.. cannot believe we get to be his mommy and daddy! And I (CAN)t wait to have him in our arms! #adoption #adoptionjourney #blessed #babyboy #openadoption

Admire somebody else’s beauty without questioning your own 💯👑 @alwaysadkins #fitmomanddad

Get up every morning knowing God gave you everything you need to fulfill your destiny 💓 (YEP she’s my identical) 😆

the #adkinsfit5 challenge starts today! 🤭🤭have you signed up yet? it has been our dream to be able to serve you on YOUR fitness journey for a long time, and today it's real and in inboxes around the world! this challenge will clean up your habits and bring some accountability to those goals you say you have. there are three months left in 2018, and it's up to YOU to decide how this year will end. will you be closer to your dream bod? even by an inch? tiny steps lead the way to big change. we believe in you and are ready to help you achieve your dreams. head over to adkinsfitco.com (in my bio)and sign up for the challenge now. 💪🏽🔥💪🏽💯💯💯

Stay wild deer child ☺️(They certainly do) They annoy the crap out of each other and then go back to being best friends 💓 Some days I’m like “holy crap are y’all seriously mine” LMBO! Anybody else have naughty little toddlers between 2-5?? Who think they are teens? They are SO fun and can be SO sweet and SO sassy! And turn around and drive eachother / me and @alwaysadkins Crazy 😆🙏🏽🤦🏻‍♀️

Pumpkin patch fun with my sweet girls! (Swipe) daddy was the photographer so he didn’t get in on the fam one but I’m so glad we had such a fun time 😍😍 Cant wait to go back! Have y’all visited a pumpkin patch yet??

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