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Ivyonna Adkins  I help people live a life they deserve by working online🌴💗 #TIMEFREEDOM 📲 ✨6 figures from home💎💸 ↘️Click below and start your Journey↙️

Insta Queen👸🏼
Insta Princess 👸🏼 @anzanastreasures #happy6monthsold

Do not let depression consume you. No matter what happens or gets thrown your way... you are stronger than it and you can get through it! Binge eating isn’t the way.. not focusing on yourself and your health isn’t the answer. Whatever happens do not play the blame game. Pick your butt up and do what you got 2 do!! You won’t regret it and you’ll feel so much happier and better- no matter the scenario or situation that’s making you feel the way you do. Do not be a prisoner of your thoughts. Don’t give the past the power of destroying your future. The happiness of your life depends on your thoughts! Be happy and DO YOU! For you! You’re a queen or king! Find things that get you towards your ultimate goals. #happy #healthy #thriving #fitmom #lifestylechange

2 years ago on this day VS today. The difference in how “teeny” I was is crazy 2 me! I’m so glad I’m putting my health a priority. Don’t be scared of lifting weights! Don’t be intimidated at the gym! You got this 💪🏽💪🏽 I love what i do and I love changing lives including my own!!

Game face 💪🏽😎

Okay yes! She may be a daddy girl but that’s okay 😏 He’s pretty awesome I suppose! @alwaysadkins #daddydaughter

Honestly I just like 2 be at home 🤗😂

Love of my life 😎😘 @alwaysadkins
Even though he can’t admit I won in monopoly last night. #fitcouple

1st bathy at home and this morning 😭😍 Cannot believe our baby is gonna be 6 months old! God truly has blessed us! @alwaysadkins

“Oh but Ivy & Atrayu - I can’t do what you guys do or be sucessful because I don’t have a large social media or know anybody like y’all do.” 😞🤭😒👎🏼👎🏼
That’s perfect! 💗💗🤗 You don’t have to know a lot of people! 👧🏽👱🏽‍♂️👩🏾‍💼 That’s the beauty of the business- is you get to know people as you grow! Even if you only knew 10 people personally between your friends and family - and then those 10 people each knew 10 others.. wow you already are connected with 100 new people! You just have 2 do the work and build connections 🙂 And if you’re on Facebook and have atleast 100 Facebook friends than I do not wanna hear you dont know anybody! Do the damn work and let me help you! But you have 2 wanna help yourself first 😜😜 #thinksmarternotharder #anybodycanwin #noexcuses @alwaysadkins

Ahh! Literally so excited right now! When I first joined LE-VEL never in my wildest dreams did I expect 2 be where I am today! But I also never expected 2 own a vehicle 4 times my 2015 yearly income! And guess what? All because this truly amazing company changes lives and blessed us 💗 Proud owner of my dream vehicle 😍 Cadillac Escalade- although Atrayu drives me everywhere 😏
It doesn’t matter who you are- this business is possible for anybody. I joined when I was a 19 year old single mom struggling to pay for anything - and was on every bit of state help I could get and still didn’t make end meet. I have been in 3 years and made 6 figures my second year. Y’all. People used to make me nervous as hell! The thought of doing something like this Biz was def not me.. but today IT IS! 💗 #LVPAID #joinme 🔥🔥 DM me if you’re ready for a lifestyle change 🔥🔥

I would say Gray loves her Emmy Bear 😄😍😊 #sisterinheaven #bigsis @anzanastreasures

Yeah seriously 🤨🤔🤨🤔😘 right? The lords calories. It is still chicken... 😏

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