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ivy | 4k :)  hacked at 5.7k 😣


i want to get to 5k so bad y'all, tysm for everything ilyy :):

sorry this is really ugly :/
guys i am going to a trampoline park and i am so excited ahahah :)

thank y'all sm for 4.2k in 3 days, you guys are the best 😭😭🎈
i was going to write a cheesy paragraph about how happy you made me but who reads that crap, so instead i wasted all my money && breath in ballooons :)
i love y'all ✨
my bestest friends approved :)

thank you sm for 2.4k, halfway to 5k! :( ✨ y'all are honestly the best thing that ever happened to me ily.
oh yea, i died in that back handspring/tuck¿ i really don't know what i was trying haha

I can't believe my 5.7k account just got hacked. I worked so hard and now it's just gone because of some person who couldn't be bothered to just make their own account. I don't even know if I want to keep this account now tbh.

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