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Today’s message 🎙

If you want your dreams to come true, it’s time to act a fool! The you of the future who has achieved your desired level of success does not make the same decisions and moves as the you of right now. When you truly believe that what you say will happen and that there is no other option, the only way to get there is to push yourself past your very nature. Get uncomfortable and start being the person you see yourself becoming.

During my live show on @mindingherbusiness I compared finding a partner in a romantic relationship to getting a deal on Shark Tank. When it comes to not settling in relationships, you have to see it as though you’re looking for a shark to invest in your business.
In order to get the best deal, you must figure out your business first! Figure out what you’re all about. Wasted time is wasted money, and you will be wasting each others time if you haven’t put in the work on YOURSELF to make sure your business is profitable. In other words, put in the work to make sure that you are a happy human being all by yourself.
After you’ve done the work, have figured out your customer acquisition cost, figured out where you need to put more $$ in order to scale your business, that is when you are going to be ready for a partner worth of having that equity.
But don’t do you dare settle for anything less than a shark after you’ve built up your evaluation and have an amazing amount of revenue and profit within your business. If you are profitable by yourself, you will continue to be profitable without needing a partner. However, should you DECIDE to have a partner, that partner better be damnnnn well worth giving up that equity.
They should have a net worth that matches or surpasses yours.
They should have experience with your particular type of business. And they should be willing to buy into your company for a $$ amount that matches your evaluation.
While you are still single, continue to work on building your vibrational evaluation by figuring yourself out and building a profitable amount of love within yourself by doing things that make you happy more than they make you sad. Remember this and don’t jump into a romantic relationship for the wrong reasons.
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Today’s message 👆

Today’s reminder on intuition.

Good day Family!
Message today, you are SOOO blessed to be undergoing this journey of empowerment.
You are SO blessed to have a sound mind and a curiosity about your true nature.
You are SO blessed to seek to empower the light within you by seeking out encouraging words that get you through the day.
You are SO blessed to have the desire of GROWTH in your vibrations.
Today, express LOVE, JOY, and GRATITUDE toward the parts of you that still need healing and fixing. It is because you have the unlimited potential to become better that you SEEK to become better!
I love you all so much and hope you have such an amazing day!

Today’s Reminder: It’s not “all in your head”
Have you ever had that feeling that something specific you’ve encountered, seen, or heard was very important? You notice someone randomly at a grocery store that stands out. You start seeing a particular color everywhere. Seeing numbers or hearing specific words that stand out to you?
The things we pick up in our environment are clues to what is currently active in our vibration. You may have noticed this the moment you decide you want to buy a new specific type of car and then start seeing that car everywhere.
The things we notice are hints as to what is currently active in our subconscious, and what is active in our subconscious is what is active in our vibration.
So if you are very aware of what you’re trying to manifest in your life and start noticing things that stand out to you and draw you in with a POSITIVE feeling, respond to the call.
Conversely, you must understand that even the negative, unwanted energy that lies within our vibration makes its own calls as well. If you find yourself feeling uneasy about a particular thing without rhyme or reason, listen to your spirit and stay away.
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You are in complete control of how you choose to react to unfortunate circumstance in your life. You can choose to continue to play the victim or the victor.
REMIND yourself that you are here on an individual journey of self-mastery and are 100% responsible for making the most of your time here.
Do not allow where you start to dictate how you finish. Do not allow others actions to control your reactions.
You are given the power to transcend past ANY circumstance you were born into.

Reflect this week on what your experiences have been trying to teach you or prepare you for. You just may find the missing element to unlock your new season.

Reminder 👆

Today’s word 👆 Smile. We were made from the source of all goodness. We only feel lonely when we consciously begin to cut ourselves away from source. Reclaim your love today and stop allowing others to weigh in on your worth. Watch part 1 of this video on @mindingherbusiness

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