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Rebecca Lawrence  Working towards a more creative life with my family in our little cottage. I also write about this in my blog.

This sunny weather is the best isn’t it? Unexpected sunshine makes a day so much better. We’ve had the best day today with a visit to @baileyshome for some home inspiration. I love everything there, even the way the store smells. We then drove to our favourite town Hay on Wye where we ate ice cream, sat in the sunshine, mooched around the shops, paddled in the river and had lovely food in @beerrevhay . There are more pics on my stories. I don’t know how the day could have been any better. Now we are all exhausted in the best possible way. I hope that you have had a wonderful Saturday too. Xxxx

I’m in love with this week’s delivery from @freddiesflowers . These colours together are gorgeous and they smell of summer!! If you want to order some you can get 50% with the code IVY50. I’d highly recommend them. It’s such a treat to receive them through the post. Xx

Oh I am missing the slower mornings of the holidays. Today we overslept and it has made the whole morning more hectic. Thank goodness it’s Friday!! Hope you have a good weekend. Xx

I love this bench outside a house in Chipping Camden. I’d love to sit outside my own home watching people all day, drinking coffee, reading a magazine and saying hello as the neighbours walk by. How lovely!! Xx

Hands up if you’ve enjoyed the sun today!! 🙋‍♀️ What a difference a bright day makes. I even cycled to work!!! I’m looking forward to lots more. Xxx

All of my flowers in one place, basically because there’s nowhere else in the house to put them at the moment. We have kitchen appliances everywhere, no utility and the kitchen is a bare minimum. The floor is coming in a weeks time though and we are making final decisions on the kitchen (it’s all down to cost- jeez they are all so expensive!!! 😫). If you haven’t read it yet there’s a post in my blog about surviving living in a renovation project. Please pop over to my website to have a look. Link in bio. Hope you’ve had an ace Tuesday. Xxx

Back to reality with the harp sound of my alarm. It’s been a lovely two weeks off. I’ve had a much needed rest. I think I’ll be ready for a nap by this afternoon though. Ive been getting up much later over the holidays. I hope you all have a good Monday. Xxx P.s. you can get 50% off you first two boxes of flowers like these from @freddiesflowers by using the code IVY50. Link is on the pic x

Imagine waking up to this beautiful magnolia outside your window! 💕We’ve had a lovely afternoon at Hartlebury Castle. The weather has been rubbish all day so we changed our plans at the last minute and looked around the castle’s museum. It was really interesting and Baxter was fascinated by the interactive tasks. He especially loved the secret chamber pot storage!! We all learnt quite a lot! We’ll definitely be returning. What museums do your children enjoy? They don’t have to be boring do they? Xx

I’m going to miss Burt being my morning alarm everyday. He has such a loud meow (hear him purr in my stories) and he nudges me until I get up. He’s not allowed on the bed as a rule but I do love a morning fuss from him. #whpwildthing

Yesterday I had an afternoon to myself so I went on a road trip. I didn’t plan where to go just got in the car listening to some tunes and kept on driving. I ended up in the Cotswolds and explored pockets of it that I hadn’t seen before. It was great being on my own as there were no restrictions I could do whatever I wanted. I turned up small country lanes and if a sign to somewhere looked interesting I followed it. I had a really lovely time and found it very relaxing. I shall be planning another road trip soon. Do you like a road trip? Where are your favourite places to visit? X

Thank you so much to @freddiesflowers for these beautiful flowers that arrived today. They send carefully boxed flowers to your door freshly picked from their garden. The flowers are still opening they’re so fresh and they come with instructions on how to care for them and arrange them effectively. You can get 50% of your first two boxes if you enter the code IVY50. That is a brilliant offer!! It felt really special having these arrive today. I look forward to receiving my next box. Xxx

We had a wonderful afternoon in our city of Birmingham yesterday. Walking amongst the blossom, looking around favourite shops, dinner at The Ivy and finally cinema at The Everyman cinema where you get to sit on sofas and sip wine watching a Nick Cave concert. Perfect!! It was so lovely to spend some quality time with my husband. Even the grey misty skies couldn’t dampen our spirits. These pinks by The Ikon gallery looked amazing and brightened everything up. Thank goodness for the blossom at the moment!! Xx

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