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ivri  dont ask me how i am (@tsuyul/@ivbean)

u make me sad.

im not motivated to make this audio quality better. put ur volume up lol
pluto, is there any space out there?
cause pluto, im not needed much down here,
take me out of orbit,
i need some space.
out of orbit,
a breathless place.
out of orbit..

ill be posting often again soon,,lots of things i have to stay on top of. ty to those who’ve stuck around. you know who you are <3

things are moving too fast,
im panicking,
tell me im not trapped.
and we are just wandering,
where are we going?

*volume up*
my psychopathic tendencies
they seem to get the best of me
id love to break your heart,
you see
just stay the hell away from me

my cough drop
my licorice noose
i dont love you
if you want the truth
i dont love you
but what can ya do?

i really wanna sleep
i just cant
mind if i say goodnight?
cause im getting kind of restless.
i wont dare close my eyes,
cause i know that i cant fight this.

im sorry but were through,
a noose will hold me..
better then you

idk what this is but i made this with 2 strings on my guitar.
things dont seem too good,
things arent as they should be
and i feel sick,
i dont know what to do.
im frozen,
back to where i started.

comment songs that mean alot to you.
i would like to listen.

this is old.
so put your volume up pls
i feel fire in my lungs
what do i do?
i taste ashes on my tongue
what have i done?

(put your volume up)
get your rest they say,
and dont be stressed they say,
you're too young for this,
pick your head up a bit..

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