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bad recording of a song i wrote from awhile ago. ill maybe finish it.
flowers rotting in your brain
ill pull them one by one and let you lay down
watch the stars fall out the sky
there wont be rain here,
we promised not to cry

just posted the full song up on my youtube
i looked back
at the city still intact
was it all a dream?
am i still asleep?
sea monsters on their way
you made a mistake (x2)

this isnt a good thing to do
im ready to self destruct
will you hold me please?
i dont wanna do this, but
im taking you with me
((rip audio))

rough draft of a full song thats comin soon
but lol can u tell im losing voice ¿
moon man said hi
with tears in his eyes
hes all alone, so hes watching the cosmos
giants align, nothings alright
they watch the clouds crawl,
to find all their gizmos

i wrote this based off of a dream i had
(this is up on my youtube)
wow, you forgot
todays the day the worlds set to stop
hey, its okay
close your eyes, you wont see me rot away

dread ,
i see bugs
crawling around your palms
somethings wrong
cobwebs surround your forehead
, i think your dead
outlined in red
im waiting for something thats not even coming

this will be something more soon.
sleeping in my bed beside me say
"everything will be okay just wait
its not just pure insanity
just stay"

cover //
radiohead - creep
when you were here before,
couldnt look you in the eyes,
youre just like an angel,
your skin makes me cry..

im not motivated to make this audio quality better. put ur volume up lol
pluto, is there any space out there?
cause pluto, im not needed much down here,
take me out of orbit,
i need some space.
out of orbit,
a breathless place.
out of orbit..

*volume up*
my psychopathic tendencies
they seem to get the best of me
id love to break your heart,
you see
just stay the hell away from me

my cough drop
my licorice noose
i dont love you
if you want the truth
i dont love you
but what can ya do?

cant sleep, hope u guys can
mind if i say goodnight?
cause im getting kind of restless.
i wont dare close my eyes,
cause i know that i cant fight this.

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