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Ivey Sparxxx  That Link Will Change Your Life.


I thought I’d have it figured out by now
Shit would be simple, problems would be in the past right now
Me and the homies would be sitting on millions
Reminiscing when we were so broke and living in Hereford just chillin'
I thought I’d have it in the bag by now
I thought that we’d be kicking back by now
I know that life is a bitch, I know that life is a bitch
I thought we’d put her in a cab by now
But I’m stressing, I can’t relax
I swallow my pride and I’m higher than what’s making me mad
Everybody say I need rehab
Cause I’m speedin' with a blindfold on and won’t be long ‘til they watching me crash
And they don’t wanna see that
They don’t want me to OD and have to talk to my mother
Telling her they could have done more to help me, and she’ll be crying saying that she’ll do anything to have me back
All the nights I’m losing sleep, it was all a dream, there was a time that I believed that
But white lines be numbing them dark times
Them pills that I’m popping, I need to man up
It’s a problem, I need a wake up
Before one morning I don’t wake up
You make your mistakes, your mistakes never make ya
I’m too obsessed with going down as a great one
And if you wait too long, they go find someone to replace ya
I did my best to be a leader you respect
At times I became weaker, got defeated by regret
So tell my baby I love her
And if she give me time I’ll put a seed inside her, make her a mother
Just know that there’s a place
Where all my people free and everybody straight
Every devil don’t got horns, and every hero don’t got capes
Opened up my eyes, shit, I’m finally awake, Good morning

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