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Ivan Coyote  Writer, storyteller, baritone saxophone player, little dog lover, comfort food cook. Reader, swimmer, flower grower.

My new musical love affair. I’m listening to all of my favourite songs again for the very first time it feels like, listening for the bass line instead of the lyrics or guitar or horn parts. Love love.

Oldometer is rolling over this year. I feel good about it. I’m vintage.

Morning vespers.

Discarded friendship bracelet near Joyce St. Sky train. Sad.

My sister Carrie, Santa, my cousin Nick, and me, circa 1976 at Hougen’s department store on Main St. in Whitehorse. I am not too sure about this Santa guy, as you can see. I would rock those snow pants right now if I had them.

This just in. Patti Powell, Deanne Loubardius, and me at the WISE Hall, I think around 1991 or 1992, at @hardcorestevedore and Marianna’s (I believe) 10th anniversary party and commitment ceremony. Back in the day, as the kids say, waaay before same sex marriage was a thing. I am wearing an apron and my Friday night dark green pants. Deanne and I took our bartending duties and our brotherhood very seriously back then. As we both still do. Love to all who were there that night, and of course all my love to Cynthia, and to the memory of Marianna.

@sarahmacdougallmusic and @littleluckythepoodle and I will be traveling north at the end of the month to go into rehearsal for the world premiere of the full Trader Time show and I could not be more excited if I tried. New animations by @fuck_you_im_clyde_petersen that I can’t wait for the world to see!!!

School work.

I was driving down the hill after work at SFU and it was so beautiful I had to stop. I pulled over on the little on-ramp to take a picture. A car stopped behind me and I thought they were going to honk at me, but instead the driver pulled over and took out her phone too, and got out and took her own picture of the sun setting over the city. It’s worth it to stop and just behold a thing.

Early morning office. Listening reading writing.

Listening to my history. Learning some chords, making soup, cross-stitching, and writing. Pretty much a dream day at home.

My loves. Fifteen more days until my little family comes here home for the holidays. Then we will go to the Yukon to see some of the big family. Then Jan 10 we see the really big Yukon family. I just can’t wait for all of it. I’ve never been so excited about the first day of December, ever. Love love and love.

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