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Ivan Coyote  Writer, storyteller, baritone saxophone player, little dog lover, comfort food cook. Reader, swimmer, flower grower.

I’m doing a gig to celebrate the start of my residency at SFU on September 27th at 7:30pm at the downtown campus. Room 1420/1430. Venue is accessible, and it is free and open to anyone. I’m really excited for this. I’m working on a new piece, hoping to have it ready.

Some of the Brave Timberwolves I got to meet and talk to today. I love my job.

I had three school shows today and my fishing buddy had a whole full day at kindergarten so we both really needed to unwind.

“Everybody look cute” the photographer said, and boy, did these kids deliver.

It was my first day of work today! I think I’m really going to dig it here.

Thanks, Western! That was a blast!!!

Glacier ice. Near Atlin, BC. Flight of a lifetime.

This is how I spent my afternoon. It was glorious. Thanks, Jeff.

The sun in Kimberley BC tonight, 6pm. They have been under a ready to evacuate order for about a week now. Let’s hope for some rain this weekend.

Tonight in Stockholm was one of my most special gigs of this whole year. The picture doesn’t capture even a fraction of how beautiful the venue was. Thunder and lightening outside. Heart and guts on the stage. A woman told me after that it was like a love shower. My sincere thanks to the Stockholm Culture Fest for bringing me.

The venue for my gig Friday August 17th. St. Jacob’s Church, Stockholm, Sweden. 7pm.

I love Sweden.

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