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I V A N A H I C K S  «⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯» † believer ❤️ @jhicks_3 👶🏽 coming soon 🐶 mommy 📍atx | philly 💌 simplyivanablog@gmail.com 👇🏽 on the blog

so excited to be ✈️ flying back home to austin today because that means I get to S E E this this baby boy next week 👶🏽😬. last time, I was told I had ‘a big baby’ inside of me.🙈 we’ll see how much he’s grown since.
on another note, a new blog post just went up with my spring favorite’s! 🌸🌿

happy hump day, y’all 🌿 a new post just went up #ontheblog + i am so excited to catch you guys up on our life lately. i talk about baby hicks, jordan, my day-to-day, + what life has been like since we found out we’re expecting. feeling so grateful for this new season in our lives. thank you for all of your support + for following along during this sweet time! ❤️👶🏽 #linkinbio #bumpdate

happy mondayyy 🌸 hope everyone had an amazing weekend! jordan + i spent the weekend house hunting for our little 👶🏽 + 🐶🐶🐶. we’re so excited that we started shopping for the nursery today 🙈 btw, aren’t these cherry blossoms so dreamy? 😍

happy t h u r s d a y, friends! today i’m { 18 weeks } 🙈+ baby boy is not slowing down. working out with him is a challenge, but i’m still bumpin’ along. still trying to figure out how to style this belly of mine, so if you have any advice, leave mama a comment below.
also, it was finally warm in philly today, so bring on the shorts + cute dresses 🙌🏽. excited to start dressing up this belly! #bumpdate

i was just telling jordan that i can’t believe we’re going to be a mommy + a daddy. i cant help but wonder what he’ll look like, what he’ll be like, + what his name will be 🙈. i pray that the lord equips us to be the best parents we can be to our baby boy. what a special journey it has been for the both of us. ❤️ #thankful

so excited to share with you all our gender reveal! ❤️ we are SO overwhelmed by all the love baby Hicks has already received.
watch the full video to see jordan’s reaction! 🙈😬 #linkinbio

It’s a.... B O Y! 💙 our hearts are so full. This explains why this baby is so big 🙈

we find out the g e n d e r of our sweet baby today 🙈😬-eek, all the feels! what do y’all think baby Hicks is?💙💗 cast your vote below👇🏽

half of me, half of him ❤️ thank you Lord for your abundant blessings + for bringing us restoration in exchange for our sins. #goodfriday

Guess what? 🙈 we’re having a BABY! This experience has been nothing short of amazing. God has gifted us with such a special gift + we couldn’t be happier. Beyond excited to share this journey with you guys. || Baby Hicks coming early September!
BOY or GIRL? 💙💗

to my sweet husband,

1. i love that you’re so sexy
2. i love that you do the dishes
3. i love your singing even though you’re not that good—okay, maybe just sometimes
4. i love your heart + that you love me so well
5. i am so thankful for you!
happy valentine’s day, hubby—i love you so, so, so much! xoxo


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