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πŸ˜… I had to post this

For the past couple days, I've been trying to set up npm scripts as my task runner/build tool and I got everything working, but I don't understand why it's so slow. When I compile sass to css it's quick but when I add autoprefixer and minifier it takes like 5 seconds to compile, autoprefix and minfiy my files. I also use browser-sync for a live server which automatically reloads the webpage when it notices any changes. Basically, it takes like 5 seconds after I changed something in my sass file for it to do everything and reload my page. Before this, I've been using prepros (similar to code kit on Mac) which does everything I need almost instantly. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Help me out in the comments or dm. Thanks!

What are higher order functions?

Definition: a function that can accept another function as an argument. Higher order functions are also functions that can return a function as a result.

I'll be explaining new things I learned in JavaScript in the next posts. Things like scope, closures and higher order functions. Not only it helps you guys but also helps me understand things more clear when I explain them. So stay tuned!

Am I the only one that likes Mondays? πŸ™„

Hello people, I'm back.
So couple months ago I quit my job (not code related) and went full time doing front end development. If anyone needs a website hit me up :D also if you guys got tips on how to stand out when applying to companies comment below or dm. PS my code on my portfolio is outdated so don't judge πŸ˜… gonna start posting some new projects soon.

No matter how much progress you made, you still got closer to your goal! Just keep pushing.

Note 8 with CSS, check it out on @codepen Link in the bio!

When are you more productive morning or at night?

Sneak peek, fun little project I started working on.

Hello people, I'm back πŸ˜…. Fixed my work schedule a bit, should be able to post more regularly now and more time to code πŸ‘Œ.

So I'm thinking what should I learn, react or angular? I know this might not be the right question to ask since it depends on a lot of things, But according to my research I have come to a conclusion it would be a better choice if I learn react first, then I can try angular or other frameworks. Why? Because what I have found out is that react has much similarities with other frameworks and libraries it would be easier for me to learn other frameworks/libraries after I learn react, but that might not be true with angular. So learn react first, move into other frameworks, see which ones fits you and your job best and specialize in it. What do you guys think?

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