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Note 8 with CSS, check it out on @codepen Link in the bio!

When are you more productive morning or at night?

Sneak peek, fun little project I started working on.

Hello people, I'm back 😅. Fixed my work schedule a bit, should be able to post more regularly now and more time to code 👌.

So I'm thinking what should I learn, react or angular? I know this might not be the right question to ask since it depends on a lot of things, But according to my research I have come to a conclusion it would be a better choice if I learn react first, then I can try angular or other frameworks. Why? Because what I have found out is that react has much similarities with other frameworks and libraries it would be easier for me to learn other frameworks/libraries after I learn react, but that might not be true with angular. So learn react first, move into other frameworks, see which ones fits you and your job best and specialize in it. What do you guys think?

Where the magic happens.

A self taught web developer/programmer is more than you think! Self taught means you have self-discipline and probably passion for whatever you are learning/doing. You wake up every morning and go learn even though there is no one making you do it, there isn't a teacher that keeps telling you to do it, there isn't an exam that you gotta pass so you better do this because you want to pass your exam. You aren't doing this because you payed money and you don't want all that money wasted. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that people who went/go to college for this don't have self-discipline and passion, a lot of them do, but I'm specifically talking about self taught people. (this applies to anything you do not just learning to code)

How was your first junior developer job interview? Any tips? Comment below!

Set a goal you want to reach. Set a rock solid mindset, you will reach your goal no matter what. Start executing. 💪

Something I learned recently is to never be afraid of asking other developers on Instagram or at work for help/questions you might have. You learn much quicker if you ask questions. There are some developers out there that are very happy to help, but it doesn't mean you should be annoying them with bunch of questions you can easily search up on Google!

Hey everyone, decided to post a quick update, I've been a bit busy lately so sorry for not posting as much but I should be able to get back to posting regularly soon! How is everyone's Monday? I personally like Mondays, it's beginning of a new week and new opportunities!
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The problem a lot of beginners encounter while learning their first programming language is the fact that they don't know what they don't know. For example, you want to create something with JavaScript and in order to make it work you need to use ".split()" function, the thing is you have no idea that such function exists, you get stuck and have no idea what to do. This is why I think looking at other people's code is so important, when you look at someone code you will try to figure out how it works, you see something new and you search it up and now you know such thing exists and how it works. Another thing beginners have hard time with is thinking of projects to do where they can apply and sharpen their new skills. I really like a site called codewars.com, they have a lot of cool projects to do and when you get stuck you can look at how other people did that project and you will see how people made it work and anything unfamiliar in their code that you find, you can search it up and now you know what it does and how it works. You will keep on learning new things and your knowledge will keep on increasing to the point where you will be able to build things on your own!
#Code #html #css #javascript #webdev #ProgrammerRepublic #webdevelopment #coding #programmer #programming #web #website #webdesign #worldcode #buildtheweb #developer #tech #codingblog #php #developer #computersceince #nerdy #worldprogrammer #codingquotes

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