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ivadore  NATURAL - ORGANIC - BEAUTIFUL Age-Defying Australian made skincare. Full of natural ingredients and free from nasties. Real Results For Real People

Happy Birthday to Us! We’re nearly three & boy do we have a one of a kind celebration offer for you! This is the best skincare offer you’ll get this year; we have 300 skincare bundles to giveaway for just $99!
That’s 100 bundles of REVIVE, NURTURE & LOVE for all skin types, 100 bundles of REVIVE, NURTURE & LOVE for Mature/Dry Skin & 100 bundles of REVIVE, NUTURE & LOVE for Oily/Congested Skin. That’s some seriously good savings on our seriously good skincare! This is a limited time offer whilst stocks last so get in quick! Simply add any Revive,Nurture & Love bundle in your chosen skin type to the cart to redeem.

@dianepenelope skin looking amazing with @ivadore natural skincare products 😊 #naturalskincare #glowing

We need your help! As a growing business your reviews mean the world to us, not only because we love hearing your feedback, but also because your feedback helps us to show others that we’re the real deal and not just another beauty brand promising the world and not delivering so we’re asking our skincare fans to submit a video review of their favourite products in our range between now and April 5th 5pm AEST and in exchange every reviewer gets a free REWARD + you will go in the running to win one of three skincare packs on offer for the three best videos. Follow the link in our bio to get all the details you need to know about who, what, where, why and how. We can’t wait see your videos.

On our blog this week we have a very special insight into our Founder, Tanya Felli, who shares her day on a plate! Here’s what her breakfast looks like:
“I always start my day with coffee! My go-to breakfast is a Smoothie with coconut water, mango, spinach, kale, pineapple and banana. I love this Smoothie as it is dairy and gluten free and to be honest I don’t eat as much fruit as I should so it’s a great way to get nutrients when you’re busy.
On Gym days I’ll have a Protein shake with natural whey powder and L glutamine, which is great for healing your stomach.”
Follow the link in our bio to read what else Tanya eats in a day!

We’re super excited to have our Age Defying Mineral Powder featured in @whandfmag for the second time since it launched it last September! This time around it has been included as A Gym Bag Beauty Essential for lightweight coverage to absorb oil and sweat without draining moisture. Get your full-size or sample in our store and experience the difference of using a natural, mineral based foundation everyday! A big thanks to @kristinaioannou for including us in this feature.

@caityvalenzuelaa giving her skin a dose of the best nourishing, hydrating and anti-ageing natural ingredients in our Dry/Mature skincare line. - Step 1: REVIVE once a week and give your skin an extra boost with Hyaluronic Acid and Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) to keep signs of ageing at bay
- Step 2: Nurture your skin morning and night and see real results with natural peptides & antioxidant rich ingredients such as Resveratrol and Crown of Gold Extract
- Step 3: Love your skin morning/night and feel the superfood powers of Acai Fruit Oil and Goji Berry Seed Oil on your skin!
We’re so glad you’re enjoying your new skincare routine Caity! Thanks for sharing. ・・・
#repost "Nighttime Skincare Routine -
I’ve included this stunning brand @ivadore to my skincare routine. My favourites are the Revive, Nurture and Love for dry, dehydrated skin, to give the skin a glow.
Wearing my personalised pyjamas from @sleepjournal"
#ivadore #ad #skincare #naturalglow

In our blog post this week we’re revealing the ingredients to help prevent pre-mature ageing from your 20s onwards and keep your skin looking young and beautiful. Follow the link in our bio to read the complete blog post and find out more about what will work for your skin type.

This week on our blog we reveal why you need to start using anti-ageing ingredients in your 20s. Our Founder, Tanya Felli says, “Most women don’t think about ageing until they see the visible effects of it, but if you wait until the signs of ageing start some of the damage has already been done, which could have been prevented by using natural ingredients that fight this process from an early age.” Some of the ingredients we’re talking about include: - Antioxidants – the bread and butter of anti-ageing - Hyaluronic acid (HA) – the bodies natural anti-ageing defence that needs a little help from the age of 21!
- Pineapple Extract – the natural champion of collagen synthesis
- Organic Apple – Keeping you elastic everyday!
- Watermelon Oil – The toxin eliminator
Follow the link in our bio to read the full blog post.

Do you want to know what three of the best antioxidants in our NUTURE serums are? We’d love to tell you!
Coffee Seed Extract - stimulates detoxification and cleanses the skin brightening dull and tired skin and helping to reduce pigmentation.
Crown Of Gold Extract - is a powerful antioxidant derived from an Australian Native rainforest tree. It contains skin softening and hydrating benefits.
Dragons Blood - In addition to its advanced healing properties Dragons Blood also defends the skin against oxidative free radicals and has the capability to ward off genetic alteration within the DNA of the skin cells.
Read our post on the best 5 ways to love your skin (including loading your life with antioxidants) by following the link in our bio.

FREE RECIPE! Valentine’s Day is the day in between Christmas and Easter when we are most tempted by our chocolate cravings, but luckily Aussie mum, model and author of @modelchocolate, @abigailoneill is here to save us! This isn’t your average chocolate recipe though, we’re talking about Cacao, the healthy superfood chocolate + loads of other ingredients full of goodness + her Honey Lavender Top Deck screams are shaped like hearts, perfect! So put the lid back on that box of chocolates, grab a mixing spoon and whip some of these healthful babies up. Follow the link in our bio for the recipe.

Have you read our blog post with 5 ways to love your skin? Here is a little preview of one of them, it’s our Founder, Tanya Felli, talking about Exfoliating, “Using an exfoliating scrub daily (especially one full of chemicals) is not going to do your skin any good at all, it will dry it out and potentially aggravate any skin issues you have. When I designed our REVIVE exfoliating treatment I made sure it would give your skin a good clean, unclog your pores and polish away imperfections without depriving the skin of moisture and essential nutrients. We recommend you use this only once weekly and my best advice for making sure you do use it regularly is to make it part of your weekly routine by setting a day that is your REVIVE day. I like to do it every Sunday night to start the week off the right way. The important thing to do is to find a day that works for you and stick to it.”

Valentine’s Day is all about LOVE! So with all this love in the air we thought we’d talk about one of the key forms of self-love, loving your skin. By taking care of your skin everyday you are showing yourself great respect, nurturing your confidence and just generally treating yourself well, that’s a pretty important kind of love.
Here’s a preview of our top 5 ways to love your skin, but trust us you’re gonna wanna click right on through to this blog post because we’ve put a whole lot more advice in there! Follow the link in our bio.
- Exfoliate Regularly – BUT NOT TOO REGULARLY
- Get Rid Of The Chemicals & we’re not just talking about your skincare
- Choose a Foundation That Breathes – the solution to unclogging your pores!
- Get Oily – Find out why you need oils and what the best three are
- Load Your Life With Antioxidants – Find out what some of the best antioxidants for your skin are

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