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1 Tribe  March 22 is World Water Day! Visit the website and be part of the change. Water is LIFE💧

March 22 is World Water Day. What are you doing to honor and protect sacred waters? #water #protectthesacred #waterislife #worldwaterday #lovewater #blessthewater #inspiration #ocean #meditation

World Wide Celebration of Water March 22! Thank you @cantoalagua @upliftconnect and everyone everywhere who remembers that Water is Life! Please join us in protecting and honoring this sacred element. Website to the global event in our profile above! 💧 💦 🌈#worldwaterday #blessthewater #lovewater #water #waterislife #mniwiconi #indigenous #onelove #sacred #honorthesacred #protectthesacres #prayer #meditation

From the highest mountains to the lowest valleys. Water is Life. Hawane Rios @hawanemusic on Mauna Kea in Hawaii Join us for World Water Day, March 22 💧Visit website in our profile! #maunakea #luckywelivehawaii #waterislife #worldwaterday #mniwiconi #protectthesacred #water #waterbearers #love #onetribe #onelove #loveriseup #malamahonua #kapualoha @puacase @nahkobear #medicinetribe

Do you love the Sea? Water is Life... join us for World Water Day events March 22, global meditation and film screening! #waterislife #mniwiconi #mitakuyase #love #water #worldwaterday

Our next big date is World Water Day on March 22. We are water and together we make beautiful change in the world. Please join us in spreading the word and making a difference in your lifestyle to make a better future. Water is Life! #worldwaterday #worldwaterday2018 #waterislife #mniwiconi #lovewater #blessthewater #cantoalagua #water #sdg #namaste #onelove #onetribe

Celebrating the universal wisdom of the feminine.
Northern Tribes from Russia, Scandinavia to Alaska intermingled for centuries and the cultural expressions show this even today.
Mostly matrilineal, they understood the Woman as giver of life. The Northern Europeans say the root of “Woman” is Womb-Man because the ability to bring life into the world is considered the most powerful thing a human can do. This power belongs to the woman, and this they believed that only a woman could ever make the call to war because they understood that killing a human meant taking a woman’s child. Therefore disputes were handled usually with the grandmothers council and without violence. When it did come to war, a woman led the army. Boudica, a woman led Celtic Warriors to defeat Rome but it was rarely written about. The ferocity if a woman is matched only by her ability to soother, heal, love and nurture.
Sometimes a warrior woman would make love with an enemy Chief in order to make warring tribes become relatives and make peace.
Celebrate all sides of the beauty, wisdom, and strength of the woman with us tomorrow, March 8 for Global Sisters Circle at 7pm in your time zone. Please visit the link above in our profile, or go to @theglobalsisterhood There is a map online where you can search for events in your area❤️
#nordic #north #wisdom #celtic #russian #alaska #woman #metoo #togetherwerise #iwd #internationalwomensday #globalmeditation #indigenous #onelove #mitakuyeoyasin #namaste #unify

Beloved Woman.
Nurturer, giver of life, we celebrate and honor you.
Please join on March 8 for Global Sister Circle at 7pm in your time zone. Check the map at globalsisterhood.org or visit @theglobalsisterhood to find an event in your area❤️
#internationalwomensday #iwd #iwd2018 #metoo #nowisthetime @oprah #love #healing #peace #femininepower #woman

We Are Nature!
We are nature. She is us.
As we heal, so does Mother Earth.
We are remembering where we come from, and rising up into our leadership for our communities to recall this truth as well.
Feminine leader, it is time to take your seat in the circle.
This year's International Women's Day is only a few days away and you are not only invited, but CALLED forth to gather in circle with your sisters.
You have two options:
To start a circle, go to www.globalsisterhood.org/start-a-circle/
To find one near you, go to www.globalsisterhood.org/find-a-circle/

We will see you there, dear sister...
Earth Warrior...

Visit the URL on our profile page above, or visit @theglobalsisterhood for more info on Global Sister Circle March 8! ❤️ #iwd2018 #nowistime #nowisthetime #healing #internationalwomensday #nowyouseeme #metoo #iwd

Grandmother Faith Spotted Eagle is on a mission to protect and honor the sacred. She has fought tirelessly to preserve the waters and the culture of her people. She is a co-founder of The Brave Heart Society, which is a traditional society that assists young women in “coming of age”. Because of government intervention, the boarding school system, and the breakdown of families due to poverty, the Dakota people lost much of their traditional knowledge. In 1994, the Brave Heart Society was formed by a community of grandmothers on the Yankton Reservation in South Dakota. The Brave Heart grandmothers believe that culture is medicine, and the success of their many projects show the true strength of their people.

One of the Brave Heart Society’s greatest accomplishments has been the rehabilitation of the once forbidden and nearly lost Isnati Awica Dowanpi, or Coming of Age Ceremony for teenage girls. Prior to the 1978 American Indian Freedom of Religion Act, cultural practices such as the Isnati Coming of Age Ceremony for girls were forced underground if not completely extinguished. As one of the seven sacred rites of the Lakota, the purpose of Isnati is to teach young women to respect themselves, their roles and their bodies as developing women through the instruction of elder women.
Brave Heart’s annual Nagi Kicopi “Calling Back the Spirit” Healing Retreat, which aims to heal the traumas of abuse and addiction, the retreat focuses on healing through the rediscovery of cultural identity. One project the group works on is making traditional regalia, through beading and sewing, to teach Dakota girls to take pride in their heritage. The Brave Heart Society recently completed a 50 year strategic plan to help the organization accomplish its goals in the coming years. The society is currently expanding its programs to include teenage Dakota men through work with preserving sacred tribal sites, horsemanship, and bow building.

Join us in celebrating women on March 8 with @theglobalsisterhood
Credit: Indianyouth.org

#indigenous #mitakuyeoyasin #iwd #internationalwomensday #healing #grandmother #elder #wisdom #culture @indigenousgoddessgang @indigenousrising #metoo

“Insecurities: Call them out by their first name, like the demons they are. Strip them of the power they hold over us and cast them aside like the crippled corpses of the monsters they are. Don't let insecurities weigh you down.
Acknowldge your worth. Respect yourself, love yourself. You are exceptional!
Confidence is not cockiness.
We are not in competition with one another.
Acknowledge and respect our differences, do not make comparisons.
We are all unique and beautiful.
Uplift and empower one another.
Offer love, understanding, and acceptance to one another. Love every aspect of yourself, apperciate your faults and your perfections, your struggles and your achievements (no matter how seemingly large or small they may be). Strive to be the happiest, purest version of yourself. We are all a work in progress.
We all deserve love and respect.
We are all expectional. -Karynn Sucaldito @thefruitbat

Celebrating the power and grace of the feminine for International Women’s Day, March 8 with a Global Sisters Circle. Link in our profile above with global map of events. Visit @theglobalsisterhood for more info🌷

#circus #arialsilks #iwd #femininerising #internationalwomensday @brondo_photography @lecirquevagabond @_mr_debonair_

“If you’re right and you know it, speak your mind. Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth”
Celebrating Powerful Women for International Women’s Day! Visit link in our profile for more info on our global event.
Rachel Parent @rachels_news is a Toronto-based activist for healthy eating and issues related to genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in foods. She is the founder of Kids Right To Know, a non-profit organization that educates young people about making healthy and environmentally sound food choices, whilst promoting the testing and labeling of genetically modified foods.
Parent's interest in genetically modified foods began when she was 11 years old. She was required to research material for a school project and chose the subject of GMOs. During her research, Parent noticed there was a lack of independent testing concerning the long-term risks of GMOs. She also found it troubling that Canada did not require food manufacturers to put labels on genetically modified foods.
@theglobalsisterhood #internationalwomensday #metoo #femininerising #healing #gmo #activism #youth #health #sisters #sisterhood #iwd #iwd2018

“It has been prophesized… that the women will have the power to move and to be leaders and to bring people into the light.” – Grandmother Flordemayo

Born the youngest of 15 children in the highlands of Central America, Flordemayo was found at an early age – like others in her family – to have the gift of Sight. By age four, she was being trained in the art of curanderismo, which had been handed down from mother to daughter for many generations. Flordemayo’s mother was a midwife and healer and taught her daughters in the use of herbs, women’s medicine and how women are to honor and care for our Mother Earth.

Since 1999, she has been part of the Wisdom of the Grandmothers’ Foundation. She is the recipient of the Martin de La Cruz Award for Alternative Healing, a prestigious honor given by the International Congress of Traditional Medicine. Flordemayo is a Founder of the Institute for Natural and Traditional Knowledge, dedicated to preserving and sustaining native plants. Currently, in addition to her independent work as a Universal Healer, featured speaker and woman of prayer, she is the Founder of The Path, a 501(c)3 dedicated to the preservation of traditional knowledge and heritage seeds. Through her work with The Path, Flordemayo maintains a seed bank and holds gatherings to further educate and raise awareness of the importance of seeds. For without these seeds of the Earth in the hands of the people our future would be threatened.

#iwd #internationalwomensday #sisters #grandmother #elder #wisdom #indigenous @theglobalsisterhood @internationalwomenleaders #metoo #togetherwerise #healing #seeds #love

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