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-will delete later-

2010- This was the year I started taking an interest in drawing. This girl was one of the first drawings I did that year. I don't remember what Anime she's from πŸ˜…
2014- I actually did this during the middle of a history lecture in class in the darkness... girls around me noticed as well that I was drawing lol
2017- Well this is one I recently did and no longer have in my possession because it went to a friend :) I've been drawing Anime forever and still do but it won't be part of my feed ;-; And I've never really drawn realism since I started drawing (only maybe a drawing every 2 years or so but never practiced it b/c I didn't want to butcher anyone's faces πŸ˜‚) but then I started doing it seriously in the summer of 2016.
Looking back now I guess I did improve alot but too lazy to practice which is why my improvement was slow ;-; #artimprovement #improvement #art

I FINALLY finished this Suga Drawing! ;-; I really love this drawing out all the sketches I've done in my sketchbook so far but sadly I have to say goodbye ;-; It's gonna go to a new home soon ~( *-*)~ #btssuga #minyoongi #sugafanart #yoongi #bts #bangtansonyeondanfanart #btsfanarts #bangtanboys #sugafanart #illustration #drawing #cartoon #manga #referance #bighit #sgbts

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